Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Wasn't Dreaming

Sometime last week, when I was feeling extra tired and delirious, I dreamed that I saw a man riding down our street on lawn mower/tractor/trailer with an old horse carriage bench as a seat.  I really didn't think twice about it because I was obviously out of my mind and imagining things.  But then the damnest thing happened.  I saw him again this morning while I was loading Evans up for school and I managed to stumble out of the car and snap a picture of him before he motored away.
So now I am convinced that I am not going crazy but I'm not sure about this guy.  I've seen some pretty weird things in our little town but this vehicle is by far the best.  As far as I can tell there are several components playing a part here.  It's pretty obvious that his "backseat" is an old trailer.  He might want to check the tire pressure on that back passenger side.  The bench that rests on top of it looks like it could be an old metal swing or something.  His steering wheel is most definitely the handle bar of a push lawn mower.  It is connected to the "engine" which is the mower part of the lawn mower, though it has somehow been mounted on a small set of tractor wheels.  Acceleration is achieved through the throttle on the handlebar.

Pretty nifty huh?  I wonder if he uses this as his primary means of transportation?  This morning he parked it outside the bakery for a little breakfast.  Maybe next time I see him I will ask for a lift in his backseat.

All is well in the Deaner household today.  Evans happily went to school this morning while Mama went and got a massage.  What a wonderful way to start the day!  Surprisingly enough Evans' teachers reported that he was HYPER all day at school and would not "stay on the rope" when they went on a "field trip".  I'm glad that he is starting to show a little pep at school.  Maybe now that little girl will think twice before accidentally chucking plastic ponies at Evans' head.  As for staying on the rope, I gather that when they go places the kids are supposed to stay in a line holding onto a rope.  Well, I could have told them myself that he was never going to do that.  I mean, does this look like a child that would stay on the rope when asked?
I didn't think so either.  Happy Hump Day!


Mrs. Luke said...

Holding onto the rope is a new fangled thing- they do it here too when they walk the little kids around campus.... It's weird

Chubs said...

I think the front end of that awesome ride was made from a tiller.

Komang Setiabudi said...

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Laura Bedingfield Herakovich said...

it's a german ghetto cruiser. :)

Laura Bedingfield Herakovich said...

it's a german ghetto cruiser. obviously.

Laura Bedingfield Herakovich said...

it's a German ghetto cruiser, obviously.