Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Season 2012

I really didn't think that I could ever come up with a costume as cute as Evans' 2011 lion hit but I knew I was going to try.  Looking at this picture always makes me smile so I was pumped to start looking for something great in 2012.  When I saw the costumes for this year I knew immediately that Evans was going to have a partner in dressing up.  So, lets be honest.  This might be a great picture of E last year and it might APPEAR that he had an awesome time dressing up and trick or treating but that simply wasn't the case (the whole time).  We had several issues last year when it came to the costume, when it came to riding in the wagon and when it came to getting his picture taken.  I wouldn't say that he loved Halloween but we made it and I got a great Christmas card out of it.
In fairness, it was getting a little bit late by the time Buddy got home to have his picture taken with our little lion.
I shouldn't have been surprised last year considering this was about how the first year went too.
ANYWAYS.  I was bound and determined that this year Evans was going to love Halloween and really love dressing up.  For weeks I had Evans' costume hanging up in the laundry room so that he could get used to the idea of it.  He painted pumpkins at school.....
Wore Halloween attire....
And even helped Mama and Dada carve pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns though I am pretty sure his favorite part of the carving was to exclaim "eeewww GROSS" when we cut the lids off and he could see pumpkin guts.  "Ewww gross" is now a much used phrase around our house.
Sorry that is a crappy picture but it came from Deaner's iphone and it was dark.  Halloween happened to fall on a school day for us this year and Evans got to celebrate in style by wearing his pajamas to school.  The parents got to join in later in the morning for a Halloween party and all I have to say is that those teachers are better people than I am.  That classroom is chaos.
After a nice long afternoon nap it was finally time for the moment I had been waiting for.  As I got the Curious George monkey costume out of the laundry room I got the reaction that I had pretty much been expecting.  Screams and a fit of terror.  So I did what any good mother would do and I held him down while I wrestled him into it.
Once in the costume, it didn't seem as bad to him.  Just as long as the monkey hat wasn't anywhere in his direct sight.  We decided to take Evans to the US base to trick or treat just because we know that everyone participates and we wouldn't get any funny stares while ringing door bells.  That, and the german phrase for "trick of treat" is like three sentences long and sounds more like a threat than a friendly request for candy.  Once we got to the base we met up with Evans' counterpart.  Dun da na nuuuuunnnn!!!!
The Man With The Yellow Hat!!  I have to admit that I jacked this idea from someone else's Facebook page but I couldn't help it.  People keep telling me over and over that Deaner is such a great sport and they can't believe he wore that costume but I'm not lying when I say that he loved it and he was actually the one requesting it back in February.  As expected, George was not fond of his first.
He got over it quickly and ended up loving his costume.
I have to say that it was really enough for me just to see Evans in his costume.  I had zero expectations for him actually trick or treating.  I thought in the very least he could run around and get some exercise and play with his friends but I was surprised again.
George took his trick or treating rather seriously and actually held The Man With The Yellow Hat's hand, held his own candy bag, went up to houses and said "trick or treat" and even "thank you".
I was highly impressed and Deaner and I were both so happy that he enjoyed himself (because we did too!)  At one house the lady handing out candy took one look at Deaner and asked if he would hold her baby to pose for a picture.  Here is TMWTYH with all the kids we went out with.
I'd say it is pretty clear that everyone (including the 35 year old man) had a great time.  Now I just have to start thinking about 2013 as I'm sure Deaner will demand to be in on the fun again!  The best part about Halloween in our house?  Every time I ask Evans if he wants a piece of his candy he violently shakes his head no and Deaner doesn't like candy.  What kind of people am I living with here?  More for me!  We are in the home stretch now to our Atlanta Christmas Vacation 2012!