Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catching up

I really hate it when I do this to myself. I haven't blogged in weeks and now I'm going to have to sum things up very briefly, or y'all might die of boredom. We were on the road for almost two weeks before finally being home this past week. I've got to do a better job at keeping up because with as much stuff as Evans' gets into these days, I can hardly remember it all. We took a long weekend trip two weeks ago to Rothenberg and Garmisch. We have done this trip before but it certainly remains one of our favorites. Somehow, I have never done the Night Watchman tour despite several visits and I finally got to squeeze it in though Evans did not make it easy for us. In fact, after cramming a currywurst down the chute on the way to Rothenberg....he was pretty terrible the entire afternoon and evening. All Deaner and I wanted to do was sit down at an outdoor cafe and have a beer but Evans had other plans for us. His plans included screaming bloody murder in his stroller so that people turned around to make sure we weren't beating him. It was awesome. In lieu of peacefully having a drink, we bought two beers, walked to this beautiful park area (first picture) and plopped Evans down in the middle of hedge maze.Some might find this a bit cruel but personally I found it to be a genius idea. It kept him entertained for long enough to enjoy our drink for 10-15 minutes, we could see him at all times and he was running around wearing himself out. Rothenberg is a beautiful city and the views are stunning even if our child's behavior was less than perfect.(He just looks so happy to be there!)As for the Night Watchman tour.......It was more like I went on the tour and Deaner followed behind or went ahead by about a half of a mile. Evans was OVER IT by then and in those empty streets at night, a howling child's voice really carries a long way! I did want to get my picture taken with the Night Watchman and I was so excited to have the picture as a memento. And then I saw what the picture looked like thanks to some bizarre setting Deaner had put it on and forgotten about.Not exactly what I was going for. Deaner kept telling me to go back up for another picture but I was too embarrassed. Now I have to live with this as my reminder of a fun weekend trip.

From Rothenberg we were off to Garmisch. We have learned recently that when traveling with Evans, we have to have an extra room to set up his pack 'n play. I cannot stand sleeping in the same room with him and since he is such a light sleeper and going to bed at 8pm is out of the question, it is now a necessity. Stay turned to hear about how our "suite" in Garmisch turned out as well as our "apartment" in Brussels..........