Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Jake and Bad Behavior

I was a little skeptical a couple years ago when Deaner announced he wanted to spend $500 on equipment to become a SkyTv satellite dish owner. Over the years I could have taken the satellite options or left them. It is nice to be able to watch a show in HD and not the hideous broadcast quality of AFN but I certainly wouldn't die without it. In the past couple of weeks Evans has made it very clear that he actually WOULD die without it. In particular, the channel bizarrely called "CBeeBies". I am not thrilled with his love for television but by late afternoon on most days, I'm just too tired to argue when he brings me the remote and instructs me to "teeeeeeeeeee". Several times I have heard him belly laughing from the kitchen but I never knew what he was laughing at. Finally a couple days ago I caught him in the act and discovered that the source of his delight was actually a show called Baby Jake. Just that. Baby Jake. A cartoon baby, that speaks in gibberish and has a real live human head. I think I managed to catch a pretty good shot of Baby Jake. I don't know what it is about him that cracks Evans up but he laughs and laughs at Baby Jake bouncing around with his big ole real head. My close friends will know that I cannot stand it when cartoons are mixed with real life so it is only appropriate that my son would choose this show as his favorite. I shudder at the thought of Roger Rabbit. However let me give you some of the CBeeBies alternatives. There is a solid chance you will not believe me. When walking through the den at some point this week I happened to glance at the television to see a puppet-like mouse, conversing in a Jamaican accent wearing a Rastafarian looking hat thingie. My mind kept drifting back to this thinking that I had to have been mistaken because surely there wasn't a Rastafarian talking mouse on a children's television show. Only.......there was......Bet you didn't believe me, did you? Go ahead, google it, I couldn't make this up. The other shows I have caught glimpses of are ZingZillasWhich is clearly a band of characters that could have only been conceived by someone tripping on acid. Just look at them and try and disagree with me. Next up, TweeniesApparently Bella, Milo, Fizz, Jake (clearly a popular name right now) and their dog "Doodles" have been "busting up the charts" for the past 13 years. At least these kids are always at school but I cannot imagine that they were not another drug addled conception. Lastly, a show called Everything's RosieI don't know what it is about but I could sing you the theme song. Which is currently stuck in my head. I'm digging her hair. So all in all, I'm thinking that Baby Jake and his babble are looking pretty educational. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is a night time show too with a blue thing that looks like Gumby but it's name is "Iggle Piggle" and at night, he drinks "Pingy-pongy juice". I'd like some people to weigh in with their thoughts on these TV shows. Is this just the way shows are these days or are the Brits losing their minds??

On another subject, Evans has learned this really awesome new trick. It only happens when I am not watching and completely unsuspecting. It's a pretty simple idea really. If you want to play along all you would have to do is fill up your mouth with apple juice from your sippy cup and silently spit it out down the front of your shirt and onto your pants. Repeat until you are completely soaking wet and your owner wants to have a nervous breakdown. I've hollered at him and told him "no", I have spanked his little hand and taken the juice away but I can't keep him from having liquids all the time and it only happens when I am unprepared. I've never accused Evans of being a complicated child but this has me stumped.

Off to finish packing for our weekend get-a-way. Since there are two very distinct and different possibilities for the way that our weekend could go, I'll keep y'all posted. For now, happy early start to the weekend!


old dad said...

What happened to the old "Sesame Street" featuring Bert and Ernie?

Laura Bedingfield Herakovich said...

oh my stars, Rastamouse! that is hilarious!!!

Annie said...

CBeebies is infant version of CBBC which is children's version of BBC over here in the UK. There is a lot of trash kids TV these days with made up word and alien characters. You've probably seen In The Night Garden too, that's very popular over here with character names like Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, The Wottingers, Macka Packa, Tombliboos, Ninky Nonk, Pinky Ponk and Hoohaas....

Cause and Effect said...

Being the sometimes proud owner of twin boys, I think I have seen most of it. I can only say that breaking him of TV early might be easier than breaking him of TV later on. My boys are 10 and every time they sit down they grab the remote. I am able to lock the satellite, and have done so, which has deterred this a great deal, but it was hell at first.

As for the drink thing, I believe it is an attention getting event. He does it, you come to him and do your thing, and then you are back doing your thing. I know from experience that a child that wants attention will accept negative attention despite the consequences as they fill the void.

I know nothing of your lifestyle, but I have found that the more I interact with my twins, the less amount of trouble they get in at home. Whereas I would not have trusted them to be out of sight before, I can now let them go two blocks away to the park (with a cell phone that has a tracker in it) and trust them not to get into trouble.

Anyways, perhaps he just wants more attention. Try ignoring him completely (could cause much more trouble than you are willing to handle) or spend more time with him before the act occurs and over time he will forget about spitting on his shirt.


sbo said...