Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy In Brussels

When I tell you that this trip to Brussels was all over the place, behavior wise, I'm not exaggerating. Evans was pretty snarky, goofy and just plain hilarious at times. He acted like a grumpy old man, a gooney lunatic and like he was born for the life of leisure traveling around Europe. As always, we would take a walk to visit the Mannekin Pis every afternoon when Deaner was finished working. It gave us time to catch up on the day and decide which cafe to sit down in for a pre-dinner drink (are you seeing a pattern here?). Of course there was always the ever important question of where to eat dinner that night. Evans didn't exactly love these leisurely strolls down to visit our little peeing statue. It was almost like he knew which part of the evening was coming up next and he was ready to get on with it. I'm not sure how I have been to Brussels so many times over the past three years and that this was the first trip I've had a Belgian waffle. Thankfully Evans didn't wait as long in life to indulge in such wonderfulness. After our strolls in the afternoon Mama and DaDa got to enjoy a delicious adult treat.Don't judge. It really was a 3 for 2 happy hour special. Evans on the other hand was happy as a clam with his Belgian waffles. Which I might add are probably the messiest treat on earth.All while being the most enjoyable.It is fair to say that by the time dinner rolled around I didn't expect Evans to eat much of anything. Especially anything that was good for him. The name of the game was keep Evans happy, quiet and looking this cute.Even if it meant letting him eat fruit snacks, cheese-its party mix, a chocolate cookie and his supper....Even if it means eating cheetos while the oreo residue is still stuck in his teeth.....And even if it means letting him sit in his high chair at the dinner table......Like this. Thought I was joking about my efforts to keep him quiet? Whatever. It. Takes.

So after being delightful dinner company, it was time for some nekkid radio flyer riding in our apartment. Remember how I said I had a story about those accommodations? Well our "apartment", while being very nice and very big, was also basically just a big room.I believe in this picture you can see how Evans' pack 'n play was actually set up in the bathroom.The one and only bathroom this time. This did prove to be a bigger problem than before but luckily we had a first floor apartment and there was a bathroom in the lobby for us to use after Evans went to sleep. Ridiculous I know, but worth it. After more nekkid activities, such as playing the guitarthere was a little more radio flying (incognito) before passing out in his private suite.That included our only "facilities". I guess life could be worse. Our second night in Brussels we ate in an area that had quite a few street performing musicians that came along. I try not to make it a habit of tipping these people because honestly that could add another ten euro to your dinner bill. Unfortunately when Evans hears them coming he cannot contain his excitement.Then the dancing begins.Before I know it, the accordion players are flocking to our table, each wanting a tip for making our child so giddy.Thankfully letting him play with his truck and our lettuce garnishes (plus the binky) took his attention off of all his admirers.The same truck played in the bathtub that night and I definitely found lettuce floating in the tub along with a few fruit snacks. By our third night there we had everything down to a science.Not to say that we weren't happy to head home on Friday. I'm actually surprised that the trip went as smoothly as it did. I wouldn't hesitate to bring Evans along on another business trip sometime but I'm hoping we will be home for awhile. Anyways, we are off to an orientation at Evans' new "school". I am sure it won't be half as great as his old one but I'm hoping he enjoys it. Happy Wednesday!


susanne said...

Best baby in the world!