Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy (late) Easter 2012

I've had so much else to blog about lately that I am just now catching up to Easter. Considering that it was only four days ago, I think that I am doing okay. If anyone can remember last year and our Easter celebration I was pumped to have bought Evans the best Easter basket ever. I was thrilled to get to use it again this year. In fact, if I put as much thought and effort into other things in my life as much as I did picking out Easter basket goodies there is no telling how great it would be! This year Evans got a basket that held a Mr. Potato Head (bunny version), The Runaway Bunny and I Am A Bunny board books (I should mention that he seems to really dislike the Runaway Bunny book as he pushes it away and cries when I try and read it to him), bunny ears, an Easter plate and sippy cup, bunny and lamb rubber ducks for the tub and PLENTY of easter eggs filled with matchbox cars. I also bought that Hot Wheels car organizer/holder but I'd be lying if I said that was solely for Evans. I am sick to death of stepping on little metal cars when walking around my house. In keeping with his attitude from last year, Evans really could not have cared less about his basket! After all that work!He did humored me when encouraged to at least look at his basket.But it was clear that he would have rather been anywhere than on our blanket. Deaner and I had to take turns chasing him so he didn't end up in the Rhein.We were grateful for nice weather since the forecast called for rain and happy we could spend Evans' second easter down by the river again. A lot of changed since this time last year. Especially our child!Last Easter Evans has just (barely) learned to sit up on his own (remember, he was a bit slow!).This year we had to keep him from trying to take a swim. The past year has certainly been a challenge but I know that Deaner and I are both grateful for having such a happy and healthy baby (yes, I still call him a baby because he IS one).Maybe next year we will have better luck with the bunny ears!