Monday, April 9, 2012

Very Exclusive Deluxe Accommodations

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we have found it necessary to have suites now when we travel. This is not always an easy thing to achieve but we do the best we can and as long as there is somewhere we can set up E's pack 'n play that has a closing door, we are okay with it. When Deaner suggested we spend a couple nights in Garmisch I was happy to oblige and he booked us a "junior" suite for the weekend. Neither of us thought twice about this until we were on the way there and I noticed that there was a very distinct "junior" included on our itinerary. Lo and behold, we arrived to a very large hotel room with a sitting area but no separate bedroom. I started to panic a little bit because it is nerve wracking sharing a room with the two men in my life, together. One is a very young light sleeper and one is a very noisy, tv watching night owl. It's not a good combo. After a few minutes of discussing our game plan I happened to notice another door tucked away that I hadn't noticed before. I was thrilled to find another half bath! Don't even get me started on the ridiculous set up of this "suite", which claimed it could sleep 6 adults, but I have never been so happy to see an extra toilet in my life! It was quickly turned into Chez Evans and the little prince had his own private quarters! It was quiet, dark and I even had a toilet to sit on while reading night time books! To say that Evans loved it would be an understatement. He didn't even want to get out of his crib when he woke up from naps and in the mornings.He was so into his private room that he would come and get us and point to his crib when he was ready for bed. I can promise y'all, that does not happen here!

Unfortunately the Zugspitz was cloudy the day we were planning on heading to the top. Instead we went up the Garmisch Classic for lunch. Evans had other plans. Plans that did not include sitting peacefully with us in a restaurant and enjoying himself.In fact, his plans didn't involve sitting at all. Deaner and I for the very first time had to take turns eating lunch. Since Evans wasn't happy unless he was dangling over the edge of the mountains, one of us had to be with him at all times.Lunch was not quite as much fun alone as it may sound! We didn't spend nearly as much time up at the top as we would have liked but we did try and get one family picture taken (by Deaner). The old hold the camera out trick is a bit easier with only two people! Especially when the third party is struggling and fighting you.Though he still had a little time to be sweet to his Mama....It was clear he would have rather been hanging out at the hotel, getting ready to go to the swimming pool and hiding in his favorite hide-y hole.We had a great time in the mountains and Evans had a great time in the hotel. He is a well kept man after all. I'm sure we will go back before too long. We headed home on Monday afternoon to throw some laundry in the never-ending German washer/dryer, repacked our bags and headed out on Tuesday morning for Brussels. I was relaxed and happy because I knew we had an apartment in Brussels and that having a separate room for Evans wasn't an issue. Do things ever happen the way they are supposed to? Tomorrow I'll give y'all the low down on our Belgian accommodations.


Unknown said...

ah, the old 'child sleeping in the bathroom' trick. large closets also work well for that. just ask our boys. they've all done time in windowless cubbies like that... :)

susanne said...

Ya'll always slept in closets during beach vacations!