Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smart Idea Bad Idea

My sweet child has recently been morphed into the devil. I announced that yesterday and got quite the responses! As it turns out, Evans was back to sweet this morning with only a tad of devil while we were shopping in target. No one has been hit in the face (although he does like to point to my eye rather intensely and I think he wants to pull my lashes out) and the day went much much better then the past few days. Hmmm, I find it a bit funny that as I am writing about Evans' improved behavior I start to hear him wailing over the monitor. It's 9:30pm son, you should be 2 hours into deep sleep. Now go back to bed. Lucky for me grandfather Buddy stepped up to the plate but I still will bet $20 I'll have to eventually take over. Sigh. So the real point of this point is whether it is smart to take a bad baby on a airline flight. Some people (like me most of the time) don't have a choice and you will just have to deal with sitting next to a baby. Who do think is going to want to sit next to this?That is the sweet baby eating spaghetti disguised as the devil. Anyways, Evans and I are flying out tomorrow to go visit my sister in law and all the crazy cousins. And by crazy I mean flat ass wild. The first time Evans hung out with them he didn't poop for like 4 days. But oh how he loves those cousins now. I can't wait to see all the babies playing together and of course my SIL and I will get to play a little too! My niece Karis turns one this weekend so we will get to be there for the birthay bash. Evans will have a ball and even his great grandmother is going to be there! So excited to see everyone! I hope we make it with no glitches and with one very well behaved child (that means you Evans).


Gannie said...

They can do no wrong......all will go well