Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cake Day Part II

Pretty sad when you have so many pictures from your child's birthday party that it takes two blog posts to put them all up! We are slowly recovering from the birthday party (now that it is Tuesday) but Evans still wants to sit at the stairs and look at all his presents stacked up. I don't blame him! He made out like a bandit! So besides the sno cones and cake, this car was a big hit at the party. There were even a few tears shed over it during the course of the afternoon. My parents bought Evans this car (I think before they even found out that I was pregnant) because my sister, brother and I had one while we were growing up. It is called the "Cozy Coupe" but is affectionately known as the "Cozy Coot" because that is what our neighbor called it growing up. My oldest friend Meredith and her little boy Jack recently moved back to Atlanta and Evans and Jack have had no issues becoming friends. Jack is wild and Evans is happy to partake. I thought we might lose Evans during this incident but he was happy as a clam to be pushed around!
I see many more wild adventures for these boys in the future, especially once Evans can figure out how to walk (you know Evans, you use your FEET for walking, they aren't just for decoration, they have a FUNCTION)! The Melissa & Doug giraffe was a big hit with the kids (Evans took a turn riding him) and my mom even said she went out front towards the end of the party and one child was trying to tote him down the driveway!I decided not to do a smash cake for E because I honestly I didn't see the point. I know they are so cute and most babies love them but Evans doesn't typically like sweet things so I didn't bother. And no, I did not realize that Publix did one for free when you ordered your cake there. Yes, that might have changed my mind. However, Evans did get a big ole piece of birthday cake and I was surprised by the amount he ate!He didn't even cry when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him!Really starting to catch on......SUCCESS!!Really, he should have taken some pointers from his good friend, Ana Kathryn Cullens. Now there is a girl who knows how to eat some cake! She didn't need any lessons!After pigging out on cake Evans was kind enough to let Buddy wait on him hand and foot and hold his sippy cup for him (we are working on that).Obviously eating all that cake wore him out. That, or his ELEPHANT outfit is squeezing the life out of him by this point. The rest of my pictures are random but fun and worth showing. I hardly got any photos of the kids lining up for sno cones but it was so cute. Maybe someone else did, I'll have to ask around. Here is Evans spending some time with his Old Dad and Grandmag.My good friend Laura and my mom with one of my aunt's new twin babes. This is boy baby, Jack. I think there were only about 4-5 children at the party named Jack. This one was definitely the smallest!Evans and his cool cousin Joe.Me, Evans, my friend Meredith and her son Jack. Yes, the same one that was playing "car" with Evans so intensely!My little cousin Thomas throughly enjoying his sno cone. This picture makes me smile for sure. I don't even want to think about his expensive outfit covered in that goo.And finally, the happiest boy on earth. I love how he looks like he is just chilling with his gifts.I have some with him once the gifts were unwrapped but I will post them tomorrow. All in all, I think that the party was a huge success. I really enjoyed it and I will be able to look back one day and remember it happily. Now I am in search of another project. Something that will take up my time and provide me with something fun to do! Jobs are overrated so I'm open to all other suggestions! Happy Tuesday Atlanta, enjoy the cooler weather this morning because I'm betting it will be over in the next, say.......14 minutes.


The Ramblings of a Thirtysomething Wife said...

Congrats on your little one turning 1! You did a fabulous job on his party - looks like everything turned out beautifully!

EmilyB said...

What an awesome party! Evans looked like he loved it, and the theme is just too cute. Can you believe you already have a 1 year old! Time flies!!

Lyndsey said...

So nice being able to read the blog again! Thanks for updating!