Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza!

I suppose that there are several things in a child's life that a parent does solely for themselves. Not that the child isn't supposed to enjoy themselves and have a good time but it isn't going to be the child that remembers it. I semi feel that way about Evans' first birthday celebration that we celebrated yesterday. As one of my friends pointed out, it was go big or go home. I certainly meant for Evans to have a good time but the memories are going to be for me. I'm just looking forward to the spread I'll be able to do in the baby book for this bash! We had about 50 adults and 17 or so kids and I really hope that everyone had as much fun as I did. It was so hot but the sno cones were a hit and I think that I supplied enough sugar for everyone under the age of 6 to last all year. Only one person was missing and although his absence was profound, I'm pretty sure that Evans was too young to notice. This did not make it a whole lot easier for me to ignore but the party must go on, no? I think y'all can judge by the look on Evans' face that the day was a success and I had a happy boy on my hands. He did actually wear clothes to the party but that is another story all together.

The morning of the party my mom and I were busy putting the finishing touches on everything. I had to go and get the balloons blown up and ice purchased. Did y'all know that ONE balloon cost 89 cents and there is a 69 cent fee to blow it up? Are you kidding? I was sitting there waiting on my balloons calculating how much I would be spending on 15 balloons plus two huge mylar balloons when the lady rang me up for $13.59. At least they can't count either!I finally got to put my famous fondant giraffes on my homemade (from a box) cupcakes. I've been waiting for this moment all week. I think they turned out extremely well and were worth it despite having jaundiced looking hands for several days afterwards.Since I accidentally made 38947 fondant giraffes, I used them to decorate Evans' cake. Thats right, I didn't think that the cupcakes were going to be enough so we had a cake as well.Needless to say, we had plenty of cake and I heard it was delicious! So, the party was outside in my parents backyard. I thought that all the decorations turned out really well. This is what guests saw first walking up the driveway at the back gate (which yes, my mom did end up painting).Whew, it all looked so nice! And then the hoards descended!

After all this giraffe planning and all the giraffe baking and all the giraffe purchasing, it only made sense that Evans would wear a very special outfit with none other than an.....................ELEPHANT on it!Lord. I'll be explaining that forever. I bought the outfit before I picked out the theme and then I couldn't bring myself to buy something different (hard to believe, I know). So this cute outfit sat in his closet in the plastic until yesterday afternoon when we got him dressed. Holy crap, it was too small. It was the first and last time he will wear the outfit. At least I didn't buy another one! Evans spent the whole party with the center snap in the crouch undone so it wasn't too short on him! He didn't seem to mind.

I think that I have to take a break from uploading pictures right now. I'll have to have a part II tomorrow but it's getting late and I want to go read my book! Tomorrow I'll have pictures of the rest of the party. It'll be worth it I hope!


susanne said...

HOW DID WE NOT HAVE A GIRAFFE BIRTHDAY OUTFIT????? We planned every last detail for MONTHS!!

emily said...

it was SO MUCH FUN!!! my girls are still enjoying the extra fondant giraffes... you outdid yourself for sure. thank you so much for including the callahans!! :)