Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm gonna be rich!

Great ready for this y'all....I have been liberated. As of this morning it's confirmed. Enfamil will no longer be bleeding us for $200 a month. Evans no longer has to have formula. Hallelujah Praise Jesus! Do you know what I hate more than paying $200 a month for formula? Running into the store to grab one thing with one of those little baskets, realizing I need formula and having to haul it up to the check out counter. Also having to carry it in from the car when we get home! Those cans are HEAVY! (please recall that Evans will not drink the powder, nice).

I've had one of those days today when by 12:45pm I felt like it should be at least 4pm. And it wasn't even that taxing. This morning Evans had his 12 month check up with his new pediatrician here in Atlanta. Of course he was cute and entertaining despite it being nap time. When it came time for the nurse to prick his toe I felt certain we were heading for disaster. He was sitting on the exam table and I was holding him still. I started to wonder what was taking so long because Evans wasn't crying and when I looked over the nurse was taking the blood out of his toe while Evans watched curiously. We weren't as lucky with the FOUR shots that he had to get in his legs! Poor thing. The one plus is that he opened his mouth so wide to scream that I could actually finally see that we don't have anymore teeth coming in right now. He is definitely feeling a little punky as he has taken 4 hours worth of naps and is already in bed asleep at 7pm.

My mom watched Evans this afternoon while I went to get some much needed highlights and a haircut. I love my hairdresser (is that even what you call them anymore? Sound so old fashioned) to death but I'm going to need to start saving my money now for afford going back in 8 weeks or so. I say that he is better than a shrink and unlike a shrink, you leave looking better than when you arrived!

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. Yikes. I'm not sure when I got so old. Will be celebrating with several friends for dinner and drinks and definitely looking forward to it. Sorry this has been such a boring post. I'm not feeling all that witty and smart today! I'm exhausted! And now Evans is crying so I'm heading downstairs to rock. Hope all is well in blogland!


Leslie said...

The cost of formula is overwhelming! I nursed both of my boys b/c I was WAY too cheap to buy it!! I know you are thrilled to be done!!

The Pink Chick said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!