Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday, is it?

You know how sometimes pregnant people are pretty forgetful? (no, I'm definitely not pregnant). OR how new mothers sometimes forget what the exact date is because they are so tired? I'm not sure what to tell you my excuse is but the other day I actually wrote the date out as August 15, 2010. Seriously. Here I am being all smug that I actually knew what the day of the month was and I was in the completely wrong year. It wasn't one of those things either were it takes a couple weeks at the beginning of January to get used to it being a new year. Folks, it's AUGUST and I thought that we were still in the year 2010. I guess you can say that (so far) 2011 (the actual year that we are currently living in for those of you that haven't figured it out yet) has not been a year that I will remember much of! I'm lucky these days if I know what day of the week it is. I happen to know that today is Friday because I looked at the calendar on my iphone. Thank god for those! Now don't get too excited for me when you hear what is on my schedule for the evening............I think I might clean up my room BECAUSE MY MOM IS MAKING ME. That's right, I turn 31 (or is it 30 or 32?) next week (I'd have to check the calendar to tell you what day) and I have to stay home tonight to clean up my bedroom. What next? I won't be able to leave the table until I eat all my food?

Today Evans and I had a great play date at my friend Heather's house. She has two adorable boys and Evans had a ball. I'm almost positive that Evans was trying to kiss Grant and NOT bite him when he was lunging at him with his mouth open. I'm just happy that Grant is bigger and could get away faster so we were able to avoid any disasters. Really, Evans does kiss with his mouth open like that but I'm so scared he is going to bite someone that I don't really sit around to see if that is his real intention. Afterwards Evans and I hit up the grocery store to try and buy the last of the supplies needed for Evanspalooza this weekend. My mom and I moved yard furniture this morning and while doing this she decided that she didn't like the way the back gate looked. I'm not positive but I am pretty sure she is outside painting the back gate now. In reference to my post yesterday, she never goes overboard either.

I'm sure that this evening and tomorrow will be used for the finishing touches of the party. We will take a small break in the morning to go to a children's clothing trunk show at a friend's house because Evans practically has no clothes at all. As it is, I think he will have to wear his outfits at least 3 times each this winter. Gah! Anyways, I am off because I just got the five minute warning on a longall on ebay that Evans wants and then I think I will do something go count my fondant giraffes. Happy weekend!


susanne said...

Yes. Fence and gate painted.
Now, go clean your room!!