Friday, February 4, 2011

Things That Annoy Me

I have been feeling pretty complainy today so I might as well go ahead and make a list of all the things that annoy me. Then perhaps I will get over them and let them quit bothering me. So, here is goes, in no particular order, things that annoy me.....some more than others........

1. Germans who freak out when I pull over for less than one minute to let Deaner jump out of the car and buy a stamp. I do not need you to show me that the street I am on is one way and that I should continue on down the road. I am not hurting you by sitting here for 45 seconds, there is PLENTY of room to go around me AND there is currently no one behind me. MYOB.

2. Germans who honk at me because they are forced to turn their steering wheel 3 inches to go around me while Deaner is out of the car for 45 seconds buying a stamp. It's really not necessary. And while I'm not positive if it is legal or not to pull over like this,it's not hurting you and it is DEFINITELY illegal to honk your car horn at me inside the city limits. Especially since I am not imminently about to hit you. MYOB.

3. When people (I cannot say "Germans" here because I am not 100% sure they were ALL German) disregard the LINE at the customs desk at the airport. It's a line. Get at the end of it. Oh! You thought you could just go to the front?? Well that is not how it works really.

4. When I put together my son's exersaucer and 10 minutes later he has pooped all over it. (of course, I don't blame him I just find it annoying).

5. When my husband watches me change Evans' diaper and then asks me if I used a wipe. WTH? No honey, I put our child's dirty butt into a clean diaper! Seriously?

6. When I go to the German equivalent of Home Depot, ask someone to help me only to have them tell me that what I need to accomplish is "IMPOSSIBLE". I didn't ask you if thought it was impossible. I asked you where the carpet glue was. (just for the record, it was NOT impossible)

7. When a waiter/waitress takes my order, doesn't write it down and then gets my order wrong. This mainly happens in the States because Germans don't make mistakes. :) If you write down my order and make a mistake, I will forgive you. If you don't write it down and make a mistake I am irritated.

8. When my DVD player that is less than a year old quits working while Evans is watching Baby Einstein. It is CRITICAL that the DVD player work expressly for this purpose. Even if it only cost $29, I'm still annoyed that we have to buy another one. STAT.

9. When deciding where to go to lunch or dinner anywhere in Wiesbaden, I have to consider if there is parking or not. What does everyone in Europe have against parking lots anyways? I don't even mind paying as long as it is AVAILABLE!

10. When there is no where to park at the commissary. Evans' carseat is HEAVY and I don't like having to haul it all the way to the grocery carts. Then it doesn't even fit in it properly.

I really could go on but I'd rather not sound like such a grouch. And believe it or not, I am not really annoyed by any of these things right now! Maybe my post worked!! I hope that everyone has a great weekend. My good friend Emory and her husband Bradley will be welcoming their new addition, Anna Claire, to the world today! Keep them in your prayers! I would like to leave y'all with a picture of things that DO NOT annoy me!! Happy Friday!


susanne said...

I'm sure that precious baby would NEVER annoy you!! Go get a new DVD player ASAP!! Evans gots to have his ELMO!

Anonymous said...

You listen to you Mother....DVD now.......

Traveling Gnome said...

OMG Sarah, I'm so sorry, but you are hilarious. #5 had me rolling in tears of laughter. I hope things get better :)

Unknown said...

Finally a new post! Only one picture of Evans - WT