Thursday, February 17, 2011


Everyone in Deaner's family is convinced that Evans looks exactly like him. I mean, when you look at them together, they do look identical. I am 99.9% sure that Evans will have Deaner's exact shade of reddish/blonde hair and it is almost frightening when you see Deaner holding Evans, how much they resemble each other. For about the past month and a half I have been saying that Evans is looking more and more like me. No one seems to pay attention but there is no denying the big blue eyes and more predominately the big bald head. I've been bugging my dad to scan some baby pictures of me so that I can prove to Deaner's family once and for all the Evans DOES in fact look exactly like I did when I was a child. Today I remembered my mother sent me an album when Evans was born of pictures of me. And this is what I found. If you haven't already figured it out, the picture above is of me (I know I know, did the lovely green plastic deathtrap I was sitting in tip you off that it wasn't 2011?). Still, I think it looks just like him. As well as these....I am in the blue (no wonder people thought I was a boy).And finally, nice glasses dad!I just wanted to prove my point. The kid does look just like me. Yes, we know he looks like Deaner too but really? There is no denying we could be twins! Ha. Moving on......

Dear Neighbor,
(the one who lives BEHIND us in case there is any confusion). Clean up your backyard. Really. It is a dump. There is no need to leave your blue summer tent up most of winter, only to have it collapse under the weight of the snow and rain that it has been subjected to for the past 6 months. If you were apart of a neighborhood association than they would have burned down your house to erase your memory by now. ALSO, when your backyard looks like this.....there is really no reason to be so concerned about the BRANCH that fell in your backyard overnight that you must cut it up with a CHAINSAW in the middle of the day during my child's nap time.When you have left a moldy gross bright blue TENT in your backyard for six months that has collapsed on top of folding tables and that I have had to look at every time I look out my bedroom window since this summer (he seriously removed it about 5 minutes before I took this picture) please don't feel the need to jump on this downed limb with such a vengeance. I mean, what was another 5 or so months of waiting? It really had to be done at that exact second that I put Evans down for his afternoon nap?

Deaner is home from England and it is a long weekend. We were going to go to Rome......we were going to go to Berchtesgaden......alas, we planned nothing so we will be home. Probably for the best. Evans' tooth is JUST about to break through his gums. God help us all if he doesn't start sleeping through the night again soon. Mama is TIRED. Happy Thursday!


susanne said...

Yes, Evans is really your child. With Deaner's sweet dispostion.
And that was NOT a death trap infant seat. You only threw yourself out of it several times.
Which could explain A LOT!!

Unknown said...

We now know where Evans gets his tongue action - definitely from you.

Anonymous said...

You win.........!

Tran Van Ninh said...

Hi! You!
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