Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Happy to Report....

That this gorgeous, beautiful, handsome and priceless Noah's Ark piggy bank is still in once piece. My rib cage might not be fully intact but have no fear, this bank, bound for Evans' bookshelf, is still in perfect condition. No thanks to the three stairs by my laundry room. Maybe I should back up. I received a package in the mail today from my mom (who started asking me the day after she mailed it if I had received it yet, apparently she thought that $30 meant a magic carpet would deliver it to me) with all the things that Deaner and I either forgot at home over Christmas or couldn't carry back with us. Including this lovely Lenox Noah's Ark piggy bank that my Uncle gave to Evans for Christmas. As I was carrying it out of the kitchen and starting up the stairs I had a bit of a mishap. I was talking on my iphone in the other hand to my friend Jen and apparently I misjudged the step. I mean, it was either the bank, my iphone or my ribcage. Let's be honest, we all know I wasn't going to let the phone go and some sort of protective instinct took over saving the bank. Oooof. I'm going to be sore for days. I think I pulled every muscle in my stomach while landing right on my ribs. I may or may not lose a toenail. But the phone and the bank are safe. Thank god. And while I was down there gathering my thoughts and trying to explain to Jen why I suddenly lost my breath, I noticed an awful lot of dust bunnies around the edges of the floor. Guess I know what chores I need to be preforming more often!

Today has been a pretty uneventful day. Funny how even uneventful days still seem to slip through my fingers these days. I still feel like I always have something that I have left undone at the end of the day. I need to have some sort of list system (or something) to get it together. When I was working I had a Coach planner that went everywhere with me. It was pretty much my life. I've quit using though because I couldn't really justify the refill this year to write things like "go to the commissary" or "check the mailbox" as my "main" events. I used to have super cute Whitney English note paper that I did my grocery lists on but I ran out and would you believe that it is nearly impossible to find a piece of paper in this house? My past three grocery lists are on this piece of paper that my doctor wrote me a note on this past summer regarding a bill. Thanks for providing my one and only piece of paper doc!

Off to nurse my hurt toes and rib cage and read my book. I'm currently taking book suggestions. I have a big shipment on the way and I can't wait to get started. I've recently read all The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books (LOVED), Water For Elephants (LOVED), Mini Shopaholic (just the same as all the others but still made me laugh), and books 1-3 in the Tales of the City Series (VERY GAY, semi-entertaining but need a break from), Hotel New Hampshire (just plain creepy) and re-read one of my all time favorites A Prayer For Owen Meany. So I've been busy. I just ordered The Hunger Games trilogy, Her Fearful Symmetry, A Short History of a Small Place, Special Topics in Calamity Physics and the sequel to Eat Pray Love. Oh yeah, I just read Eat Pray Love too (sometimes wanted to strangle the narrator but ended up liking it enough). That's all! Happy Tuesday and Evans, please stay asleep all night!


Chubs said...

I, too, thought HOtel New Hampshire was creepy.

susanne said...

Love your blog, but if there's no picture of Evans, I feel cheated.
The Noah's Ark pic did not fill the void.

Traveling Gnome said...

That was the funniest blog I've read in a long while. I'd like to thank your rib for the entertainment. Your pain is not in vain!

Let me know when you get ready to read 'Committed'. I also have it on my night stand and I'll read it with you :)