Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Eerie.....

Since I was so awful at uploading my pictures the past few days I am going to give it another try. I actually managed to get Evans in bed and get into my bed by 9:15pm tonight! That doesn't happen often but when your awesome friends Steph and Jon invite you over for dinner, there is no mess for me to obsess about cleaning up!! I seriously cannot leave a dish on the counter overnight. Which is probably why when I go to bed on a Friday or Saturday night with a clean den and kitchen and wake up the next morning to whatever disaster Deaner has made, it makes me insane. Anyways, I digress. So, about these pictures......I can't recall if I mentioned these were part of a "Kissing Booth" Valentine's Day deal. No, Deaner and I don't normally pose for pictures kissing this much, NO we are not trying to tell people that Evans is going to have another brother or sister and NO please do not suggest that we "get a room"! :) Just a few of the comments I have encountered since posting these! I could care less because I LOVE them!Did I mention how cold it was outside? I felt a little bad about not having a hat on Evans' big bald head but anything for the sake of the pictures, right?It was so cold that I can actually see Evans' eyes tearing in this picture. This picture isn't one of my faves because I think it looks a bit awkward but I can't help posting it because Evans' eyes are SO blue!! I might add that our photographer does not photoshop her pictures and that these are really the color that they are. Since Deaner and I both have blue eyes we knew Evans would too but these are way better than mine!! Plus, that look on his face is so freaking cute. The next couple pictures I love too and can't wait to get our prints of them. I told Deaner I felt like we were doing engagement pictures or something (which we never actually did when we got engaged).I mean, we love each other and all but don't normally go around making out in fields!And the last one because I'm honestly getting sick of uploading.......Thanks for everything Jessica! What a fun Valentine's Day present to ourselves! We can't wait to do it again so don't plan on moving anytime soon!

In other news, something a bit eerie happened today. Something that has never before happened but was still pretty cool. I was actually recognized by someone that reads my blog on a regular basis. Someone that I don't know, have never met and wasn't told about my blog by anyone I know. I was a little shocked at first but she found me online exactly the same way that I found Steph's blog online. Pretty fun. Unfortunately she is a LURKER so Heather, I'm calling you OUT! All this went down at the monthly Spouses Club Luncheon on the base. I have been a total slacker about going since we had family in town at first when Evans was born and then I was home for 6 weeks. I'm really glad I went back today because I had a great time. Sometimes it is too easy to stay at home in this dreary weather and lounge around but it really does feel better to get out and do things. I just sometimes need that little extra push!

I'm off to read. Deaner comes home tomorrow evening. Hooray! Something about having a child makes me feel the need to have a drink around 3pm. (don't worry, I NORMALLY wait til after 4!). And when Deaner is in town at least I have something to look forward to at the end of the day. Next week he is away again ALL week, sucky, but I will be home setting up for Steph's baby shower. I can't wait to post pictures and show y'all my plans but I'm not sure I can trust Steph not to peek if I do. I'll have to stew about it. Happy Hump Day!


susanne said...

That is the cutest baby ever born.

Anonymous said...

Love the them.