Monday, February 7, 2011

Evans In Belgium

So I think that things are about to change around here for the time being. Deaner has A LOT of traveling coming up and I think that Evans and I are going to stay put for a few trips. Not that it isn't a total blast hauling around a 5 month old and all his belongings AND sharing a hotel room with him but I think that Evans might be sick of traveling for a little bit. He just wants to stay home in his nice cozy crib and hang out with Mama for awhile. Deaner and I took Evans to Brussels last week from Monday to Thursday. We actually had a really good time and Evans was really good while we were there. We just had one tiny problem. Evans practically refused to eat while we were there. This is very interesting coming from a child who will pretty much eat on demand. I mean, I'm not worried about him starving or anything but he does get a little cranky when he is hungry. And why wouldn't he eat? We already knew that he doesn't like the powdered version of his formula AS MUCH as the ready made but we weren't staying in our normal hotel in Brussels so we weren't sure if we would have a fridge in our room or not. Thus, he gets powder. I typically make his powder bottle with bottled water but we also had no microwave and no coffee maker (which is how I normally make it hot in hotel rooms). So I was forced to use warm water from the tap. GASP! Tap water? We found out the hard way that our baby is a water snob. I'm not lying. He would NOT drink the bottles made with tap water. So every time we had to make a bottle Deaner would have to go to the lobby coffee/espresso/hot chocolate machine and get a cup of hot water, dump it in the bottle, fill up the cup again and dump the second cup in the bottle. Only then was it full enough. I might add that it is nearly impossible to pour boiling water from a coffee cup into a bottle without getting water everywhere. Which is what we did. Every. Single. Time. I doubt the receptionists were sad to see us go. It's back to the Marriott for us next time. When there is a next time. Who wouldn't want to deal with all that??

Anyways, when it wasn't raining and Evans wasn't watching Sponge Bob Square Pants in French (yes, I did resort to that one afternoon in desperation) we were exploring the city. We have been here many many times but it is still such a pretty city and I think that Evans really liked being outside so much. Evans and I ate breakfast together every morning in the hotel (I would eat bacon and he would munch on some giraffe leg) before we went exploring.I took him to see the Mannequin PIs and some nice Japanese man offered to take a picture of both of us.In fact, I had to tell him that was enough because on about the 8th picture he took of us my eyes were tearing from the wind whipping in my face. I think he thought we were doing a photo shoot. However he was much nicer than the Italian man that we ran into later that night when we were back with Deaner who I thought was offering to take our picture and he was really telling me to "get out of his way". Some people. I took a few more shots of Evans in the Grand Place but I was hesitant to walk too far away from his stroller because I could just imagine someone running up and stealing him (they would probably return him though when they realized he won't drink tap water!).Deaner and I took E out for dinner all three nights we were there and as usual he was really good. The last night we may or may not have had several margaritas at Chi Chi's (the same place where I may or may not have had several margaritas right before I found out I was pregnant with E!) and we took Evans walking around the city at night. He was happy as a clam.We had another photo shoot at the Mannequin Pis with Daddy (really, why IS this tiny little statue so famous??) because Daddy couldn't stand it that Evans and Mama had a picture there together!And one last picture of Daddy and E on the Grand Place. One day Evans will thank us for dragging him all around Europe and taking all these pictures!I think we all had a pretty good time but we are still going to be taking a break. Sleeping in a strange bed really throws Evans off and therefore it really throws me off. I really value my sleep and I just don't get enough of it when I am in the same room as my child. Deaner has been in England the past two weeks, is there now and will be there all next week. Ugh. Steph has been great and E and I have been having dinner with Aunt Steph and Uncle Jon once a week. I'm hoping that this stint of traveling won't last much longer. It is allowing me to be better about blogging since I can get in bed at night with my laptop!! Happy Monday to everyone! 2 days til my husband returns and 4 days til the weekend!!!!


Michelle said...

I love Brussels. My favorite was the gold statue just off the grand place that you run your fingers along and it's supposed to make your wish come true. And hilariously, I was in Belgium for two months so I got to see Mannequin Pis dressed up in some lovely costumes during my stint. Ahhh good times.

susanne said...

Lucky little boy!! He's having a fabulous childhood.