Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picture Wrap Up

I don't want to bore everyone to death with the details of our whole trip so I am going to try and hit the highlights today and move on with my life! It is raining in Germany and it seems like we were in Greece MONTHS ago! Tuesday was another relaxing day for me by the pool. Deaner went on a hike and then joined me again. I decided at sunset that I would let him take a couple pictures of my baby belly.I am pretty sure that it grew on this trip thanks to the delicious food! Wednesday was our (my) adventure day. We rented this super cute Smart Car.....Which was delivered to our hotel bright and early on Wednesday morning. We set out for breakfast in Fira, a trip to Ancient Thira and a visit to Oia. First we had breakfast/lunch across the street from this really high class OB/GYN's office.Nice huh? I am quite glad that I didn't require this guy's services while I was on vacation! :) Afterward our snack we headed to Ancient Thira. I was not as thrilled about this little excursion because it required some hiking and it was pretty hot. Here are a few shots of the view from the way up.You can see the black sand beaches from atop the ruins site. The views were incredible.I have to admit that I didn't do as much exploring as Deaner did once we got up to the top. I pretty much parked myself on a bench and gazed at the water but Deaner was a much better tourist. These ancient ruins just didn't do much for me after seeing the Acropolis in Athens!!Now, on to more interesting pictures! After Ancient Thira I may or may not have been a little bit cranky from the hiking and heat. We stopped off at the black sand beach of Kamari just to have a look before heading to Oia. The beach was not exactly what I would want in a beach but it was neat and different. Look how large the pebbles are on the beach! Nothing like the white sand of Florida!My spirits were lifted somewhat when we arrived in Oia. Oia sits on the far edge of Santorini and has spectacular views and supposedly the best sunsets on the island. We had a light lunch here and walked the length of the town. It was really hot in the middle of the day but the pictures made it worth it.And finally, I am just going to post a few random pictures from the rest of the vacation that will show you just how lovely Santorini was. I do believe that it was hard to take a bad picture here. Unless of course your skirt blew up from the wind! Our hotel...Another belly bump picture. Getting progressively bigger!Cute picture of us if I wasn't so puffy looking.View of Fira.And finally the sunset on the last night. It was a bit windy!And that concludes my 8 million pictures. I hope I didn't bore everyone to tears. It was a nice break from nursery pictures I know! And tomorrow I am sure I will have more to post of those since I have just about finished everything up! I managed to order a glider today and while it is going to take ages to get here, at least I know it is on the way and I don't have to worry about it anymore! Happy Tuesday everyone!


EmilyB said...

the pics are beautiful! i've never been to Greece, but now i feel like i just went on a mini-tour :) glad that you guys had a fun time, and are back home safe and sound!

Jennifer said...

I have always said Greece is my number one place that I must go to one day! I am so glad you had fun and got to experience such a wonderful vacation! Your bump is getting cuter by the day! I enjoyed the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Send this link to my husband & told him, yep, we're going to greece. OMG! Great pictures Sarah!