Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Humpday

I have got to get some more exciting things to post about! Our trip to Brussels was pretty good, nothing out of the ordinary. We got in around 5 or so on Monday and after whichever World Cup game was on we went and ordered a big ole giant pizza at Pizza Hut for dinner. YUM!!!!! It was just what I wanted! And I may or may not regret it when I get on the scale at the doctor's office tomorrow morning! Tuesday morning I went with Deaner to his meeting so that we could leave Brussels directly from the meeting and head home. We don't normally do things like this so it was a bit different. After his meeting we had to have lunch with the people he had been meeting with, which was fine, but it pushed us back several more hours. We didn't get home until after 5 last night. Neither of us felt like cooking so we went to the pizza place down the street (yes, pizza again!). And that was pretty much our day! Boring I know!

Today I got up, showered, picked up Subway for Deaner for lunch, dropped it off to him, went to the commissary, spent an outrageous amount of money on things we needed but will hold us for awhile, and then headed home! I have taken a walk and now I am watching Days of Our Lives, which I'm just sort of over. I think that the exhaustion that I felt in the first trimester of pregnancy has returned. I am SO tired during the day for about the past week or so. The only problem is that once 8pm or so hits, I'm wide awake. So it doesn't help me sleep any better at night. And I'm trying so hard not to nap during the day because that pretty much guarentees that I won't be able to sleep at night. Having to get up 6 times a night to use the bathroom doesn't help. Ugh.

As of today, 10 more weeks til Evans makes his debut. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and feel like I have a million and one questions for my doctor. I found out while I was in Greece that my doctor has decided she no longer is going to be delivering her patient's baby's anymore. WHAT? Nice time to let us know huh? 10 weeks before they baby is due. She said we would discuss it at my next appointment so I am really interested to see how that plays out. Keep your fingers crossed for us, I'm getting pretty anxious about the whole thing.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more exciting news! Perhaps a cuter picture of the baby if he cooperates! Happy Humpday to everyone!


Jennifer said...

What do you mean she isn't going to deliver babies anymore? Whaaaat? She is an OB, isn't that her job? Who is going to deliver the baby? A midwife? I would have a million questions also! Let us know how that turns out!

Anonymous said...

yeah, that is crazy about your OB...she should at least deliver the remaining patience she has...sheesh!

On the topic of pizza, I could eat pizza everyday and we're not talking domino's type pizza, only european type pizza. Sooooo good!

MRU said...

Your doc said she wouldn't deliver your child? She really should have told you that a few months ago! That stinks. Hope it works out. Give her a good ole Southern guilt trip. Keep eating that pizza. Evans wants it!