Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy Heatwave

Remember all winter when I whined and moaned and groaned about how cold and wet and dreary it was here in Germany? Someone please smack me now! It is HOT in Germany right now. The car temperature gauge said 107 when I got in it after lunch (yes, I know that this was in no way accurate but still.....). My best guess is that it is around 88-90 degrees here and it has been like this for a week or so now. Now before all you Atlantan family members start reminding me that there is currently a heat index of over 100 in Atlanta right now let me take a minute to remind y'all of a few things.

1. Our house is not air conditioned. Yes, we have lovely marble floors that like to remain cool all winter but that is just not working in our house right now.

2. Our house is 4 full floors. I could say 5 floors if I wanted to count the split levels but for the sake of arguement, I'll say 4. Our bedroom is on the 3rd floor. Heat rises.

3. I am currently 1 day shy of being 8 months pregnant. I haven't complained much about being pregnant because everything for the most part has been great so far. But now I am officially HUGE and therefore, I am hot. Enough said.

So, while I am enjoying seeing the sun and all, I just wanted to point out that even though it is not as hot here as it is at home, it is still uncomfortably warm. My solutions for the day have been simple. I stayed in our bedroom (which has the most glorious portable AC unit known to man) until it was time for me to meet Deaner for lunch. From lunch I went to the airfield to mail a package (post office = not air conditioned, thus almost passed out). Then to the PX to get Deaner some new sunglasses. While I love him dearly, I can't stand that the glasses he is currently wearing are being held together with actual silver duct tape.I'm not exactly sure how they broke but there is a reason that I am allowed to wear expensive Ray-Bans while he wears $17.99 Foster Grants from the PX! :) From there I went to the air conditioned commissary where I managed to spend $50 on mainly liquids. We now have enough water, gatorade, snapple and diet cherry coke to last us thru this heat wave. And maybe a couple boxes of Mac & Cheese that I have been loving so much. Finally, after working up a sweat carrying all those drinks up to our drink fridge, I am back in our bedroom with the AC blasting right on me. About two hours til Deaner returns home from the gym and then I will be forced to sit downstairs for a bit and eat dinner. I'm hoping that this heat lets up soon!! Happy Tuesday!


Jennifer said...

It does get HOT in Germany! My dad would keep all the windows open and the fans were pumping everywhere, and it still was hot! I just sat in the basement for a large part of the day because it was the only cool area!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean........I like the glasses........They look familiar...!