Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally Friday

I felt like Friday was never going to come this week! And now I feel like 9:20pm tonight is never going to get here. Deaner didn't even have to work today and he couldn't get an earlier flight than that! Another dinner alone! UGH. We are going to leave for Prague in the morning and come back on Monday afternoon. I am hoping that we won't freeze to death but from what I have seen, the highs are in the 20's and snow is in the forecast! Just can't seem to get away from it!

I have nothing else to report today. Monday I will have lots of good pictures to post and hopefully some good stories to tell!


Chubs said...

Prague is pretty much on your same latitude - due east - so you aren't heading to warm weather.

Forecast in Atlanta: 2" of snow this afternoon.

EmilyB said...

Prague is supposed to be beautiful!! Take pics!!! Have fun!!

Nishant said...

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