Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day #2 Alone

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am a little bit late in posting today and I am not sure I even have a good excuse! I have been staying up super late with Deaner out of town and sleeping in every morning. I'm not going to lie, I have been sleeping a lot better doing it that way and I only have to get up ONCE a night to pee! This is a big improvement over 3 times when I go to bed around 10 or so!

Today was day #2 alone and it was fairly productive. While doing laundry today (I know it seems like we produce a lot of dirty clothes in our household, doesn't it?) I decided it was high time to clean out our laundry room. We are really lucky to have a huge laundry room but the problem is that we tend to dump the junk in there and unfortunately it is in a location where everyone who comes to our house can see it. It certainly isn't hidden. So it was tidy up day. I took lots of junk down to the garbage cans and did some organization. It looks a million times better! The next time I see a cardboard beer case thrown in there I am going to have a fit! :)

Deaner and I also booked our hotel in Santorini!! We have been reading reviews on hotels for the past 5 days and finally picked one. It is hard to pick a hotel because it seems like for every 5 good reviews a hotel gets, someone will write a terrible one that will make you doubt your decision. We use Trip Advisor A LOT living in Europe and it seems to be the most helpful. We finally found a hotel today that had 79 raving reviews and 0 negative ones. SOLD. We booked it and are really excited about it. Here are a few shots of the views and of the hotel grounds. I am getting excited just typing this!

Can we say AMAZING? I also ordered this today since I am assuming NONE of my current bathing suits are going to be fitting me at 7 months pregnant!I just hope it is as cute in person. Have no fear, I am certain my legs are as skinny as those legs on the mannequin! Anyways, if anyone has any tips on Athens or Santorini feel free to leave them on here! We will have a full day and a quarter in Athens and we will be in full tourist mode before relaxation kicks in Santorini.

That is all for the day. I enjoyed a wonderful dinner tonight with a friend of mine whose husband is in Armenia this week. It was fun to catch up and have some girl talk. It is the same couple we are going with to Garmish next month to ski with. Except I won't be skiing for obvious reasons! Boo! Hope everyone is having a good day! And seriously, why doesn't my spell check work anymore on blogger?? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I want to go........

Chubs said...

Damn, now you are going skiing, too? Man, what a brat.

I think Trip Advisor is very helpful. The trick when reading a bad review on the midst of good reviews is to look for the clues that show that the reviewer is a jackass. Usually, there are clues that help you throw them out.

Anonymous said...

Where is the cute maternity suit from? Love it!

LTCLC said...

For a little taste of vacation I am sending you a little sunshine which you can find on my blog

btw:Santorini is gorgeous! I went there for a daytrip when I spent a week in Crete. Make sure to bring your camera! :)

Mabry Wynn said...

if you do not already have a hotel booked for Athens then this is the place....my family took a trip there for christmas one year and stayed here. It is the most gorgeous hotel I have ever stayed in.

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

make sure you stay clear of the open food markets (being pregnant and smelling all of the fish will not be a good thing - hahahaha)

Nishant said...

Trip Advisor is very helpful
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