Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paris Day Two

So we might have had some rough weather on our first day, as well as the knife incident, so what could possibly go wrong on our second day?  Saturday dawned with sunny skies but still chilly temps.  We started the morning off at Musee d'Orsay, which was my personal favorite on our first trip to Paris.  d'Orsay is in an old train station and you literally cannot turn around without seeing a famous painting.  It has by far the best permanent Impressionist exhibit that there is.  It's not too shabby on the inside either.
This is Deaner and Evans in front of the giant clock that looks at Sacracour.  You can't exactly tell it's them but they didn't understand that and the picture is still cool. 
View from clock.  So cool.
Seeing a museum with a two year old was definitely a different experience than ten years ago with my mom, sister and grandmother.  It's a good thing that I really took my time ten years ago because we weren't here very long this go around.  I also can't pretend that I mind.  I am an in and out museum person and Evans was my perfect excuse.  If anyone wants to come and sight see with me, I'll have to bring Evans along, wink wink.  
After the museum and lunch we strolled down to Tour Eiffel.  Evans was WAY more impressed with the Eiffel Tower than with Notre Dame the previous day.  Despite the fact that he was under his much hated rain protector, he really enjoyed this part of sightseeing.    
Finally the rain stopped and we were able to let him out of plastic jail.  
Please note the difference in the sky.  Cloudy to pending thunderstorm to beautiful. 
A few that include me.  Thank God for the rear facing iPhone 5 camera.
I wish Evans could have managed to look a little happier. 
Hands down the best part of the day was chasing pigeons by the Eiffel Tower.  
It was a great (exhausting) day.
Finished off by dinner in the same steak restaurant where my mom, sister, grandmother and I ate in 1999.  
You have two choices in this place.  Do you want your steak medium or rare and do you want water or wine?  Pretty obvious answers to me.  They serve you TWO courses of steak and fries with the most wonderful sauce you have ever tasted.  Just ask my mom.  For the whole story.  Better get their 30 minutes before the place opens because the line wraps around the corner to get in!  

I feel like I need add these additional pictures at the bottom.  It just goes to show how cultured my son is after his trip to Paris.  He has not been able to stop himself from building lego Eiffel Towers whenever he has the chance.  This was his first attempt after seeing the real deal.  Not too shabby.
His second attempt while waiting in my doctor's office.  Not his best effort. 
And the latest creation.  Not sure exactly what it is?  It's the Eiffel Tower with a Kitty Cat on top.  I know.  I was a bit stumped too. 
Stay tuned for Disney pictures.  Finally.  I'm catching up with my life.