Monday, August 12, 2013

The Gleatons Do the South of France

A more accurate title would be The Gleatons, Deaners and Lukes do the South of France but that was a little bit long winded.  When my Mom had the idea for a family European trip this summer I was all for it.  What could be better than all my family coming to our side of the pond for a visit?!  Provence was settled upon and tickets booked.  Deaner and I decided it would be best for us to drive the 8 hour drive so that we would have my giant car once we arrived.  An 8 hour drive isn't so bad....right?  We decided to break it into two days and spend the night in the champagne region of France in Reims the first night.  We figured we would drive 5 hours the first day and 3 hours the next day on to Isle Sur La Sorgue.  Piece of cake.  We did not anticipate that our departure date would coincide with every single other German and French person on earth.  Our simple 5 hour drive turned into a NINE HOUR trek.
Evans didn't seem to mind once we got to the hotel and he was able to stretch out on our huge bed with the Mama pink kindle.  He was such a good traveller, even pulling his own suitcase (full of toys).
Saturday morning we set off for L'sle Sur La Sorgue with high hopes of meeting Buddy and Susie at the villa by noon.  Damn those other vacationers!  Our simple three hour drive turned into a FIVE HOUR drive before we FINALLY arrived.  Thankfully the villa and the company were worth the wait!
Evans got to enjoy appetizers by the pool sans clothes.  Lucky for him that his preference is very Euro and widely acceptable.
No one seemed to mind!
Who knew our child loved Boursin so much?  He adjusted nicely to the French wines and cheeses!
Ok, it was only sparkling water but I didn't even like sparkling water when we first moved to Europe!
Saturday night we stayed in and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.  We hit up the grocery store in town to stock up on wine and when I say we stocked up, I'm not playing.  Too bad I couldn't partake in any of it.  
Our first full day in Provence was spent at the l'sle sur la sorgue antique market.  I'm still wondering where all the antiques were but they had the next best thing!  TEA TOWELS!!
And stunning views.
Deaner was my official tea towel holder.
I know he was thrilled.  Evans was in heaven having "Omple Sam" to tote him around.
And cars to ride!  This is the child who has never been interested in a carnival ride in his life.  Buddy took him over the cars and bought him 5 rides.  I thought, well, that was a waste of money!  Lo and behold, Evans got right on and even handed the ticket man his own ticket.
This was just the beginning of his new car ride obsession that Dada is happy to indulge.  I need to find my iphone cord so I can transfer the rest of the France pictures to my computer.  It took way too long to email all these to myself from my phone.  I promise to get that done asap but considering Evans wet the bed at 4:30am and I was up changing sheets, I think I will allow myself a nap this afternoon (who am I fooling really?  I nap everyday).  Stay tuned for the rest of the week!