Monday, August 5, 2013

Disneyland Paris for Dummies

So let's just face facts upfront.  If you go to Disneyland Paris, you are a dummy.  There is really no way around it.  Once we accept the fact that there are no "real" deals to be had, no way around the exorbitant prices and no super smart ideas for avoiding lines, everything will be a bit easier to deal with.  Be prepared to spend the money on entrance tickets even when they are 20% off, be forewarned that you will spend $50 on a fast food like meal for lunch and that you WILL spend more time in line than actually riding rides.  If you are okay with all the above, which we were, you are good to go!  We can single handedly thank British Sky Free Sat for our decision to take Evans to Disneyland this past May.  Thanks to their aggressive ad campaigns, which aired every other commercial on the children's tv channel, we could hardly say no when Evans asked us every 5 minutes to take him to the 20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris.  Deaner didn't need any excuses and consequently Mama was given a weekend in Paris/Disneyland for Mother's Day 2013.  I didn't complain.
One would think that May is a no brainer month to make the pilgrimage to Europe's version of the Magic Kingdom.  School is still in session so the crowds should be manageable and by late May, the weather should be tolerable.  Well don't go getting any ideas.  We were both crowd challenged and weather challenged if you can't tell by winter ski jackets the week before JUNE arrived.  
Thankfully it didn't seem to bother either of my two children much.  Deaner and I talked extensively before this trip about our concern that we would arrive and Evans would refuse to go on any rides.  He isn't exactly know for his sense of adventure or bravery.  We were pleasantly surprised when he jumped directly into the teacup with Daddy and had a ball.  I think Daddy did too.  I was concerned about the concept of actually waiting in line but even that wasn't too big of an issue.  
Thankfully we waited 55 minutes to meet Mickey Mouse.  Can't you tell how excited Evans is to get to the front of the line?
Okay well he might have psyched us out a little bit with this on.
Turns out he didn't want to meet the Mouse as much as we thought it did.  Once E got over the initial shock and fright of seeing Mickey, we were able to take a picture........with the Disney professional photographer.....for the small price of 18 euro, which Daddy gladly purchased.  
Deaner and I did wonder after the fact why, for 18 euro, they couldn't have photoshopped the shine off our faces.  Evans was still a little unsure of Mickey but he sure likes the picture now.  Don't forget to get the 3 euro cardboard souvenir frame.  
I know that everyone will be surprised to find out that one of Evans' favorite rides in the entire park was the Casey Jr. choo choo train.  I think we rode it four times the first day.  30 minutes is a long time to wait for a 2 minute train ride.  Thankfully Evans's parents love him. 
Daddy might have been a little nervous on this one.  
After a day of riding nearly everything age appropriate, Evans reverted to his old self and absolutely refused to ride the carousel.  Forget it.  Because why ride something so babyish after a day of real adventure?
Is anyone seeing the pattern of Deaner/Evans pictures?  Thankfully they had a mom along to document their trip!  Best part of the day was the parade down Main Street each afternoon at 5:30.  Who doesn't love these characters (at a safe distance)?
One of the only helpful tips I read before visiting Disney was that it was best to watch the daily parade as close to the start of it as you could.  Therefore, when the parade ended you could bolt and catch a ride with no line before the masses finished watching.  This worked for us and we were able to snag a ride on Dumbo without waiting for two hours.  
It's a good thing we were able to get right onto Dumbo because somehow we ended up with the only lame elephant on the whole ride.  That's right.  Our bunk elephant wouldn't take off from the ground!  If I had waited two hours for that ride I might have demanded another turn.  This was our last ride of the day so I was sort of over it by that point.  As you can see the weather cleared some by the close of day one.  
There was really no way we were going to make it until 10:30 for the Fantasy Dream fireworks and I think we left around 7pm.
None too soon for this little camper. 
We did have to rest up for Day two and the "real" Lightning McQueen.  Seriously though, how do people take 7 day Disney vacations?  I was EXHAUSTED after day one and while I can partly blame some of that on being newly pregnant, I imagine this sort of thing could wear anyone out!  Stay tuned for Day 2 and Walt Disney Toon Studios.  The trip wouldn't have been complete without it! 


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