Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Walt Disney Toon Studios and the "Real" Lightning McQueen

Day two in Disneyland Paris dawned BEAUTIFUL and clear and slightly warmer than the three days previous.  Evans was primed and ready to find the "real" Lightning McQueen which he kept warning us was "somewhere around here".
We started out at the cars stunt show as we arrived just in time to catch the first one of the day.
Oh the joy when Lightning McQueen made his appearance!
Doesn't get much better than that.  
Oh wait, it does.  Toon Studios has it's very own Lightning McQueen ride.  This was the equivalent of the Casey Junior from Day one. 
Daddy was required to go on the dizzy rides though I did get roped into this one at least once. 
I think they liked it.  
After a quick lunch in a Mickey Mouse high chair (this was the 37 euro fast food lunch I was referring to in my post yesterday) it was right back to Lightning McQueen.
And happy to be back.
I actually got suckered into riding this go around so I was able to include myself in a picture. 
It is safe to say that while we really really enjoyed all of Toon Studios, we really took advantage of the Lightning McQueen attraction.  E loved the live Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show as well as Handy Manny etc.  It was a little harder to get pictures inside the live shows but I would highly recommend them to anyone with little ones.  After spending most of the day at the Toon Studios we heading back to Disney for a few more hits on the Casey Junior before snagging a good spot for the parade. 
A quick ride on It's A Small World.
A stop for a $15 balloon.  (which I should at least disclose lasted close to a month)
A little dinner at Planet Hollywood.
And an excruciating visit to the Disney Store where so many things were purchased that I don't even want to see the American Express bill from May.  Daddy is such a sucker!  
Yes, that is a Lightning McQueen rolling suit case.  Only my kid would go into a store full of toys and pick out a suitcase as his souvenir!  He is a very practical traveler.  Not to mention that there was a case full of tub toys inside the suitcase! 
We were pretty much packed to the gills coming home with Disney paraphernalia.  See the suitcase right next to him?  All in all I would say that it was a great family weekend getaway but if you want to try this same trip, beware that it all adds up quickly.  I simply laugh to myself now when I see that there are actual books written on how to do Disney on a budget.  Those folks are in denial.  
I think that we all felt the same way after this vacation but it was totally worth it.  Now if I can just talk the boys into going to the beach next time.  They are already starting to talk about Disney again and while I liked it enough................


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