Monday, January 28, 2013

Kindle Hijack

Yesterday this sweet looking child brought my Kindle Fire to me and asked if he could have some new app/game.  I told him no way because he already has a million.  I expected some crying but he took the negative response pretty well.  At the time I was on my laptop sitting on the couch and he carried the Kindle back to the coffee table and continued playing whatever it was he was playing.  A few minutes later my email programed dinged and I toggled over to see who had sent me an email.  Huh.  It was from Amazon.  Confirming my recent purchase of an expansion pack to the game Cars/Trucks.  The exact game I had told Evans no he couldn't have.  My first thought was that E had gone to ask Deaner who would of course bought it for him without thinking twice about it however, Evans hadn't left his spot at the coffee table since my answer of no.  Upon further inspection it was confirmed that yes, my two year old does in fact know how to use Amazon's easy 1-click purchasing.  The same awesome program that saves me from getting up to find my wallet each time I need to buy something has made it so easy to purchase things that my toddler can do it.  I suppose I had the chance to cancel the ordered app but I was so impressed (and he had already installed it) that I just let him keep it.  I guess it might be time to look into what those parental controls offer after all.


Unknown said...

cutest sweater EVER! :)

chubs said...

I, too, would like to have your Amazon password.

old dad said...

Wow - that's amazing - better watch close, he'll run the house-hold.