Monday, January 14, 2013

Returning to Normal?

Well, SOME things are returning to normal, that is.  Evans's thirst has returned even if his desire to sleep without screaming for hours on end first hasn't.  I'd seriously consider letting him drink this if I thought it would ease him into dreamland safely!  We are currently watching Cars for about the 239832098 time whilst NOT taking our afternoon siesta that Mama has so looked forward to everyday this week. It's a good thing that I like Cars and watching Evans watch it is pretty dang funny.  Still, to be wrapped up snug in my bed would be better.....The high today in Germany is 28 and it was 21 this morning when I got into the car to take Evans to school.  I could complain but Deaner is in Brussels on crutches and the high there as only 21!  It's cold to say the least but at least the sun has been shining, a rare delight!  So it looks like it will be another week of trying to adjust.  Like I said, Deaner had to go to Brussels until Wednesday but he was supposed to stay until Friday so I'll take it.  I don't know how he is getting around there with his FDR crutches and I really don't know how he is taking his prescribed meds.  When we picked them up last week we were both shocked to see that THIS was what he was supposed to be taking!
Injections?!?!  Are you kidding me?  I'm not sure why a German doctor would be concerned about a blood clot being caused by a sprained ankle but these injections are some serious business.  When Deaner left yesterday his poor stomach was covered in little thumbprint sized bruises.  I would have flat out refused to do them but Deaner takes his meds seriously.  :) What a good patient.  Who knows, he could be doing them completely wrong as we only have this massive instruction manual to refer to.  Too bad it's all in German!  Thank god for the pictures illustrating how to pinch your belly fat!

Besides all our other "excitement" in the past few weeks things are finally starting to slow down.  I have all the suitcases unpacked, only a week later.  All the Christmas boxes have arrived and those too have been unpacked .  It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate each time we travel home.  I think it should be a goal of mine not to order anything from Amazon for the next month.  Evans is back in school and hopefully we will get this sleeping thing down again soon.  Deaner and I have planned a last minute trip this weekend to Paris and it is going to be a long weekend if we have a two year old who refuses to sleep.  He might really get his first taste of French wine if that is the case.

Off to figure out what gourmet meal I am going to whip up for Evans and myself tonight.  So many choices with a 2 year old that would be happy eating french fries and chicken nuggets every night.  Tonight I am not going to stay up until the wee hours in the morning perusing Parisians attractions.  Tomorrow I will post my book list from 2012 so stay tuned and start thinking up some good recommendations for me!