Thursday, October 11, 2012

Post Guest Letdown

We have had a pretty busy two months around the Deaner household in Germany.  With visits from Old Dad at the end of August, Buddy and Susie in September and then Gannie and Auntie Laurie in October, the inn has been quite full.  As I am sitting here writing this I am not sure I can remember the last time my house was this quiet.  We said goodbye to Gannie and Laurie on Monday morning and Evans hasn't quite known what to do with himself since.  It's pretty public knowledge that Evans is the boss of Gannie and now that he doesn't have someone waiting on him hand and foot, taking him where ever he points and playing with him for hours on end in his Choo Choo Doop (we don't know why but this is what he calls the playroom) he might be suffering from a small case of the Gannies.  My sister-in-law and I used to joke about her children having a case of the Gannies when Gannie ultimately had to leave and I now understand it a little bit more thoroughly.  Let me start off by saying that I, by no means, neglect Evans by not playing with him.  I think the kid is pretty happy.  But when I say that Gannie plays, I mean that she plays hardcore.  I actually witnessed a game of catch the beach ball last for over two hours at one point.  The two of them would disappear to the Choo Choo Doop and I wouldn't see them (I could definitely hear them) for the next three hours.  They were definitely each other shadows for ten days and it is no wonder that I find Evans sitting in our blanket basket looking like he is bored out of his mind now that Gannie is gone (really, he was watching something on TV and I think he was exhausted).

As things have started to get back to normal around here and the weather is slowly growing colder every morning it is nice to look back on our Fall and of all our visitors.
We spend an afternoon in Bacharach, a small town on the other side of the Rhein from us.  We have been there once before with my parents when Evans was born and loved it.  I'm glad we were able to make the short trip back so show off such a gorgeous place.
Bacharach is one of several walled cities that is still intact and this one is worth seeing if you ever have the chance.
This is actually a hotel that is built into the city wall.
It was a great afternoon and was only made better by the awesome Federwiesser that is currently "in season" here in Germany.  For those that haven't had it, it is wine that is made from grapes that are picked early and the wine is in the processing of fermenting.  Every time I explain it, Deaner corrects me on something I got wrong about it so the long and short of it is, it is lower alcohol content wine that tastes like grape juice.  Delicious.
Or, if you are my mother in law, you can just start calling it "new wine" for some reason, but it's not likely anyone will know what you are talking about.  Not even in France.  :)

The rest of the week was spent spending time down at our winestand in the afternoons since the days of it being open are numbered.  We had great weather for the most part and ate our way through the week.  I've tried several new recipes lately that have been hits so I'll be posting those sometime in the next week or two.  Since Gannie and Laurie left I've found myself constantly cleaning and picking things up.  People normally associate guests with added chores and housework but with these two around my house was looking fantastic and my laundry was always folded (albeit in very weird ways!).  The second they were gone Deaner and Evans managed to destroy it in 24 hours.  After their Monday departure, Deaner and I were nervous that Evans might be a little out of sorts.  Since it was a holiday for D and he wasn't working we drove out to the larger American base about an hour away for some Johnny Rockets and a new bike.
Not sure why these pictures kept turning out a little bit blurry but I have a feeling it had more to do with the photographer (not me) than the new iPhone.  Evans very nearly had a coronary while waiting impatiently for Deaner to get the bike assembled.
Hurry up already Daddy!
The joy of cycling with no pants has no end.  Until you realize that you actually have to pedal a bike to go anywhere.  We might still be talking endlessly about the "new bike new bike" but I haven't seen much riding on it since it takes some effort to stretch his feet down to the floor to scoot along.  Forget the pedals.  Hopefully we will have a chance this weekend to really test it out.  And just for the record, the bike was a way bigger hit than the new Cinderella "Diamond Edition" DVD (that cost $30!).  This child will take Mufasa and Mufasa's Baby (Simba) any day over singing sewing mice.  I can hardly blame him.

I'm off to read and troll Pinterest for new dinner ideas.  I have a project up my sleeve for this afternoon that I saw on Pinterest and depending on the outcome, perhaps y'all will hear about it.  If it is disastrous  
it might just stay up my sleeve.  Happy Thursday to everyone!  God, I love short weeks!