Tuesday, October 16, 2012

German RenFest, Anyone?

Way back when Deaner and I were newly dating in 2006 there was always much discussion and anticipation every year when the Georgia Renaissance Festival would roll into town for 6 weeks in the spring.  Every year Deaner would excitedly make plans with other couples (I'll do them a favor and not mention their names here) for some big fun partaking in steak on a stake, intricate hair braiding by people with dirty hands and perhaps a little wax hand making if you were feel extra wild.  For all of these anticipatory conversations that I know for a fact took place, we never did step foot inside the Georgia Renfest like planned.  I'm choosing to blame it on the rain or any other natural disaster that kept us from enjoying all this crazy fun, but really, I can't remember why we never made it.  Deaner (frequently) recalls growing up and looking forward to the Renaissance Festival every year.  He even made his acting debut at the tender age of 12 after being chosen as the participating audience member and when requested, can recite his line "I, Fleance, will fleet-footidly flee to Fife" on demand.  Impressive I tell you.  

Therefore, I really should not have been surprised when he started telling me back in March all about the German RenFest that takes place in October in Rudesheim.  Much to my dismay the advertisements started popping up right on time around the end of August and you know who had this date on his permanent unalterable calendar immediately.  So, this past weekend we finally got to experience the joy of the German RenFest together, as a family of three, braving the cold grey skies, enjoying ourselves throughly.
Do you know the difference between attending a RenFest when you are in 5th grade and attending one with you are 32?  You can drink beer.  And it clearly made all the difference in the world.  (to me anyways).

Deaner would have fit right in no matter what!  :)  Can anyone even tell which one of these guys doesn't belong?  I also feel like I should point out that those two giant tubs to the right of Deaner?  Yeah, those.  For 5 euro an hour you can strip nekkid and soak in their hot water.  Sound appetizing?  Not if you had seen the woman that we witnessed starting her soak.  Shiver.
For the more daring RenFest visitor, you could hop on this medieval looking swing like contraption and take a spin.  I took a pass since I have a massive fear of swings that spin in circles but I'm not sure that these could get quite up to the speed and dangerous nature of the ones I unfortunately chose to ride at the Gwinnett county fair one year.
This next picture left me with goosebumps all over my body.  At first glance it looks like a dressed up dude taking a leak on the castle.  Looker a little closer.  These two peeps are actually walking FERRETS ON LEASHES.  I just got goosebumps writing that.  And now I feel like I need to take a shower.

The afternoon was definitely a success.  Drinking beer out of a clay pot can make most things better but this was actually pretty fun.  I could eat another deep fried Flammkuchen RIGHT NOW.  Deaner got his fill of disgusting things that I would never make for him......
and Evans even glanced up from his video game a couple times to say "night night pig".  Otherwise he couldn't be bothered.
I'm pretty sure he is thinking to himself "I don't know how these crazy morons lived way back when they didn't have comfy jogging strollers, personal handheld tablets, monogrammed jackets and lollipops".  All the while his father is talking incessantly about the costume he is going to order to wear to next years fest.  You can hardly argue that we weren't in the perfect setting for a Renaissance Festival (even if these people really did take themselves a bit seriously).
I'm just hoping that my husband will be able to control himself next year.  Maybe if we are really quiet and don't discuss this again, we will miss the imaginary costume buying deadline.  We managed to get home without having purchased any weapons or tusks that doubled as wine goblets so I'll consider it a victory!


Chubs said...

Awesome day for Fleance and family. Great pictures.