Monday, October 15, 2012


So, how cute are these white chocolate covered pretzel pumpkins?  So cute, in my opinion, that I decided my life would not be complete until I made them for Evans' teachers as a fall treat.  (really, I just needed an excuse to make them).  Of course, at the time of my obsession, our commissary did not have any food coloring so I was forced to buy a complete 15 color set from Amazon.  Having to wait longer only made my anticipation grow.  I just knew that these were going to be the greatest and cutest things I'd ever make in my entire life.  I bought two giant bags of M&M's and picked through them for all the green ones.  I even made Deaner hide the leftovers so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat them (until I demanded one night to know where they were, really I should have made him throw them away).  Finally sometime last week my food coloring came and I was in business.  I would first like to say this.  It is much harder to melt chocolate in the microwave than I thought.  In fact, just have fun trying it if you are crazy enough to try and make these cute little treats.  Things did not go well from the outset.  Secondly, my super nice super expensive food coloring that was supposed to require one teeny tiny drop to make this awesome orange color?  Give me a break.  Half the bottle gave me this nice pink shade.  Thirdly, dipping pretzels in hot melted chocolate like the directions said?  Ummmm, that hurts.  It's just that, HOT chocolate.  Fourthly, how in the world are her green M&M's so perfectly placed and actually dried in place?  And lastly, she was not kidding about needing to have wax paper for them to dry on.  I tried to improvise and while I was pretty much doomed from the beginning, it was not until the  very end that I realized just how screwed I was.  So, without further ado, I give you my version of white chocolate covered pumpkin pretzels.
Don't be too jealous of my incredible creation.  I'll be taking orders for them if anyone wants to invest in my talents.  :)  I can see now several ways would I could improve upon my "technique" on these pumpkins but I think I'll call it quits for the season.  In order to make myself feel better about the pumpkin debacle, I set my sights on something that looked a little bit more foolproof.  I saw a picture on Pinterest for these nutter butter bite acorns and figured with only three ingredients, I could possibly get these right (please don't remind me that the pumpkins only had three ingredients too).
Doesn't get a whole lot easier than this.  Unwrap all the hershey kisses.  Melt some of the mini chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave to use as your "glue".  The rest is pretty self explanatory from the pictures.  Sorry this first one is so dark.
You can see my "assembly line".  And the final product!
I was so excited with the way that they turned out that you would have thought I had just successfully performed brain surgery.  These made great Fall treats for E's teachers and had I not gotten them out of the house when I did, there would not have been any left.  I'd definitely make these again but I think the pumpkins will not be making a return appearance!  I'm open to any ideas that require any color food coloring.  I have them all.  Happy Monday to all!


instant student said...

I am sorry your pumpkins did not turn out that nice.
But the acorns look great!

You could use your leftover colors to color icing and let Evans color sugar cookies with it.

But one thing: You do know that you can buy food coloring and wax paper and other baking supplies in German stores, right?