Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School Eve

The day that we all (me) have been waiting for to arrive is finally here.  After waiting (im)patiently for seven months to make it off the waiting list, Evans is into preschool and starts in the morning.  This start has already been delayed once due to illness and despite the fact that I have been on my death bed for the past week, come hell or high water, Evans is going to school tomorrow.  No more late nights of drinking beer, carousing, and sleeping until 9:00am for this kid!  We have to be up and at 'em and out the door at 7:45am tomorrow.  I cannot say that I am looking forward to this aspect of Evans' three day a week toddler program.  Who ever thought it would be a good idea to start kids at 8:30am and only keep them until 11:30?  I might have less of a problem with the 8:30a if they would just keep him until after lunch!  This three hour window is not going to allow me to get anything worthwhile done and it is going to make it a lot harder for me to claim I don't have time to go to the gym.  Especially since it is located on the same base as the fitness center.  Grrrrrrr.......but I know that it will be good for Evans to get back into a solid routine and make some new playmates.  Perhaps he will even lose some of his "german accent".  E's backpack is packed and he even practiced wearing it this morning, which is a huge improvement from our last stint at school in Atlanta.  Then, he acted as though I was stabbing him with hot daggers when I tried to get him to carry it on his back.  I'll give a full report tomorrow and take pictures.  I just hope he doesn't have a meltdown when I drop him off.  God knows we have been there and done that.

In other news, there has not been much else to report.  I have been under the weather and battling a massive sinus infection.  Last Wednesday I went to bed afraid that I was getting a toothache.  The last time this happened was over ten years ago but required a root canal.  Scared that would be the case again I was actually proactive and went and saw a German dentist on Thursday afternoon.  You want to talk about frightening?  Think large German scraping around in your mouth, pounding on your teeth that are throbbing and the grand finale.......touching each of my teeth with dry ice to see how I responded.  Not pretty.  Only to announce that there was nothing wrong with my teeth (besides the other small cavity that needed to be filled a later date).  I left having been told to be less zealous with my self bleaching and with not one, but TWO other appointments, for cleaning and filling.  Sigh.

By Friday it became obvious that I was suffering from a bad sinus infection and that the toothache was just the first sign that it was coming.  Of course, this was on Friday AFTER all the doctors closed for the weekend.  Thankfully Germans aren't much for Labor Day and I was able to see one on Monday.  I'm now on antibiotics three times a day for TEN days.  To think that I actually look forward to taking those pills in hopes of getting closer to feeling normal again.  It was not the best holiday weekend in our house however the pain was eased by the kickoff of college football.  Only the greatest time of year!
Evans quite enjoyed watching the Dawgs play despite a concerning performance.  UVA and Ole Miss pulled a W for the first week so it was a good day.  

Deaner left this morning for Belgium for work.  I thought he was in Brussels and was confused when he was describing to me where his hotel was.  I could not place it in my mind despite dozens of trips there.  And that is because he is not in Brussels, rather Mons, and clearly I wasn't paying attention when he told me that.  Off to bathe my dirty child and put him to bed.  Stay tuned for school news tomorrow!  Happy Tuesday!