Monday, September 10, 2012

Morning Time Blues

I have to say that this whole school thing is taking some getting used to.  Evans is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination.  When I picked him up from school on Friday his teacher reported that he had been a little whiny but not as bad as he had been on Wednesday (his first day).  Hmmm, I found this interesting because no one ever told me he was whiny on Wednesday, rather that he was "very funny".  And I don't find his whining very funny.  When I arrived on Friday his classmates were all sitting around a little table doing some activity while Evans was being rocked on the teacher's lap.  Not a great sign.  This morning we got out of the house on time only to be stuck in awful traffic.  At this time of year, at this particular time of day, the sun is brutal on the Autobahn.  Even Evans can't take it and is forced to wear his shades on the way to school so that he can watch The Lion King in the car.  As you can see, we have to eat breakfast and have our morning juice in the car on the way to school.  This morning Evans cried when I dropped him off, as usual, but I'm pretty used to that.  When I arrived to pick him up, I was pleasantly surprised to find him sitting around the table with everyone else, coloring a picture, while wearing a plastic football helmet, complete with face mask.  When I reported this to Deaner he asked "Well, was everyone else wearing a football helmet too"?  Umm, no honey.  But whatever!  He wasn't crying, he wasn't waiting for me by the door and he wasn't being rocked on the teacher's lap like a baby.  I'd say this was an improvement!  I wish I had my cell phone with me to take a picture.  Looking forward to Wednesday!

We have not had a ton else going on in our house.  I would like to ask that if I ever mention any plans to buy Evans another mylar balloon that someone please stop me.  We bought a great Thomas mylar balloon for Evans' birthday party three weekends ago and I have to say, it has been the source of much angst and frustration around here lately.  How does the dang thing still have helium in it?  Evans has become completely and utterly obsessed with his "boon".  Boons are a great idea in most homes.  Not in homes where the ceilings reach 20 ft, at least.  Deaner and I have made more trips up the stairs in the past two weeks to fetch the "boon" off the ceiling of the second floor that I should have lost 5 pounds by now.  I extended the string on it once so that I wouldn't have to jump when it was on our regular height kitchen ceiling and yesterday it dawned on me that I should have extended it further a long time ago.  After about 5 trips up the stairs I'd had it.
Now Thomas can be pulled down from the ceiling even by Evans.  Frankly, I'm thinking Thomas might have some sort of horrible accident tonight after bedtime so that we don't have to have anymore boon anxiety.  When E woke up from his nap this afternoon the first thing I could hear coming from his room was "booooooooooooon".  To think that Deaner and I actually discussed taking it to the base and getting it re-inflated.  While I'm on a semi similar subject, beach balls make horrible toys.  I think it might disappear too.  

Anyways, I'm off to try and make my house look presentable before my husband gets home from work.    It's hot again today in Germany and isn't doing my for my productivity.  Maybe I'll just read.......