Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

It's hard to believe that it was over two years ago now that I was in the hospital celebrating the birth of our first son.  Damn that was a hot summer being ____ pounds heavier with no air conditioning.  I know that most parents get sentimental on their children's birthdays, reminiscing about the past and how quickly time has gone by.  I am no different really but come on people, Evans is ONLY two and I had a train themed party to throw!  No time for the weepy stuff!

If anyone wants to relive the grand adventure of the giraffe birthday party last year, please feel free to do so here or here.  This year it was easy to choose a train theme since it is basically the only thing that Evans ever talks about.  Seriously, y'all don't want to know how many times I hear the word "choo-choo" a day.  It was only fitting.

Evans woke up on the morning of his birthday to a stash of loot comparable to a little prince.  Deaner and I stocked up on Thomas trains when we were home this summer because we knew we were going to give him a train table for his birthday.  Since everyone knows how I am with surprises, I'll just admit that we bought the train table and gave it to him weeks ago.
I did however manage to hold some of his toys back for him to enjoy on the morning of his birthday.
Here he is coming into the den for his birthday surprises.  I have to say, Evans makes it worth the time and money spent on gifts because he acts so thrilled about them that it is worth it.
I have never heard so many "oooohsss and whoaaaaaas" as I did that morning.  I swear he isn't spoiled.   I am trying to upload a couple videos too but it appears I have forgotten how, go figure.

We lucked out with our weather on the day of the party with sunny skies and a high of 72 degrees.  Not exactly the German norm.  Evans got to celebrate in train style.
  Here are the cupcakes I made for the party.  I ordered the cake toppers and they were worth it.  These cupcake stands I purchased awhile back for a baby shower have been used multiple times and were an AWESOME investment (ha, investment, of like $12).
Deaner and Old Dad manned the grill and served up a mean dinner of burgers, hot dogs, brats and all the fixins.  For appetizers I wowed the crowded (maybe an exaggeration) with Vidalia onion dip, bacon cheddar dip, spicy hot corn dip and a hot jalapeno popper dip.  Thank you Pinterest.  We had served wine from one of our favorite wineries in Hattenheim, raspberry beer cocktails and of course cold beers.

Please note the huge oak choo choo train that decorated the bar from Buddy and Susie (who Evans has taken to calling "Boozie", only appropriate).  We ordered this from a great vendor on Etsy and Evans has played non-stop with the "big choo choo".
One of my dear friends painted this canvas for the party.  It hung on the front door and greeted people and will now hang in the new playroom.  It was one of my favorite parts of the birthday party, thanks Melinda!  When Evans first saw it he said "pwease Mama" like I wasn't going to let him keep it or something.
The kids even had their own corner of the patio set up to play quietly while their parents enjoyed cocktails and adult conversation.  YEAH RIGHT.  This track was torn up in about 3 minutes and I have never seen children act so wild.
I have a new appreciation for Evans' calm nature.  I witnessed children karate chop each other in the stomachs, jump off the 3 ft ledge INSIDE my house, climb OVER the top of a baby gate I set up to keep children from leaving the first floor, one child attempt to overturn our 50 inch plasma television and the wildest child I have ever met in my life state that the other kids were "stressing him out".  Hmmmm.  Maybe next year Evans will have an all adult birthday party!  :)  Thankfully this year there was no crying during happy birthday and frankly I'm not sure Evans knew everyone was singing for him.
Though he still manages to look very mean in this picture.  Last year I caught a little guff for throwing a giraffe party and then dressing Evans in an elephant outfit.  What can I say?  I bought the outfit before I picked the theme.  I was not going to have a repeat of last year so my friend Emory sent this shirt for E to wear.  
Surprisingly enough, he also ate/licked a cupcake.
I think that everything turned out nicely and that everyone had a good time.  Thanks to that raspberry beer cocktail for sure!  Evans even got to hang out at his new beirgarten table with his two favorite German guys, Georg and Michael.  They attempted to teach Evans how to drink out of a cup stating that his bad American parents hadn't taught him that yet.  
I would just like to point out the puddle beneath him, the obvious change of costume and the proud look on his face after soaking himself.
The birthday party went a bit later than originally expected so after our last guests left we let Evans open up his presents before hitting the sack.  
You could tell he was losing steam at the end and actually put up zero fight when I finally put him in bed after 10pm.  This train has definitely been in the bed with him every night and accompanying us on all car rides.  It's not exactly the easiest thing to carry around! 
But he loves it!  Whew.  That is all I believe.  I'm sick of uploading pictures so if I decide I left out anything that can't be left, I'll update.  I have a good feeling about Evans' 2nd year and my 32nd year.  We certainly have enough toys to last us until Christmas!  :)


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