Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whirlwind Tour

I think this picture does a pretty good job of illustrating just how exhausting this current trip to the US has been on all of us.  Somehow three weeks seems to have slipped through my fingers and we are staring down the last three days of our summer vacation.  Without even laying eyes on any of our friends and less than half of our family's.  I am never sure how this happens but I find that the last several days of being here are always filled with anxiety and stress of scurrying to fit everyone in at the last minute.  This summer was particularly difficult for us because we spent and entire week between Lake Rabun and Lake Keowee.  Despite our lack of social time outside of visiting with our family's we have managed to have a blast.  This type of nap, as photographed above, was a pretty normal part of every day.  When I say that we are not used to the Atlanta heat anymore, I'm not exaggerating.  I think it is pretty safe to say that Atlantans themselves aren't used to sultry 107 degree days that we experienced last week and we Deaners, very nearly expired.
It might appear that Evans was taking a nap in this picture but I'm pretty sure that he was just in a heat induced coma.
Here is Evans playing with Uncle Sam and I would just like to direct attention to his flaming red cheeks.
There was a lot of only diaper wearing these past couple weeks and I think that despite Evans' casper like coloring in this picture, the child might actually have a tan line.  Nothing like his cousin Karis but it's a start!  Please also note the welts on E's back.  These did not coming from severe beatings, rather simple mosquito bites which apparently he has never had.  We don't have mosquitos in Germany and his reaction to them wasn't pleasant.  This shot was taken a solid four days after the initial bites.  Right around the time they turned to resembling bruises and making me look suspicious.  There are plenty more pictures and stories to come but we are headed out the door for Night #1 of family farewell dinners.  Stay posted for more stories!


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It was awesome.

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It was awesome