Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lake Rabun 2012

As I sit here and listen to Evans watch the British satellite children's channel it is hard for me to believe that our very American summer vacation has already concluded.  It always goes much faster than I anticipate it will and no matter how long we are home we never get to do everything we want.  This trip was no different.  We arrived in Atlanta on a Thursday afternoon, my sister-in-law and niece and nephews arrived Saturday, my car broke down and required $2,000 worth of work with multiple venue changes, Evans got Hand Foot and Mouth disease and ran a fever for days on end and then it was time for us to leave to spend the week split between our parent's lake houses.  While the first week of vacation did not go as planned since we didn't get to see any of our friends the rest of the vacation was a lot of fun.  We spent Saturday through Wednesday at Lake Rabun and Wednesday thru Saturday at Lake Keowee.  Evans was thrilled to get to play with his cousins the first part of the week and their two "goggies".  Evans and Karis are 9 days apart, though Karis can do practically everything while Evans can't do anything, and it was really fun to watch them play together.
I am not sure why it appears that Evans' diaper is about to fall off but it is getting a little bit low on that right side.
Karis could be the model for the tan little girl on the Water Babies sunscreen bottle.  Evans could be cast easily in the role of Casper the Friendly Ghost.
I like this picture because it shows just how much bigger Evans is than Karis.  That being said, Karis is totally the boss of Evans.  She gets what she wants when she wants it basically because all she has to do it take it from Evans, who is a very easy target with his translucent skin.  It was pretty funny to watch Evans get dominated by his younger girl cousin when he is so used to getting what he wants.  The next few pictures will illustrate Karis' dominance.  
I'm not sure what she is doing to him here but it involves a dog leash.  This object was the source of a lot of angst as it was decided early on that it was the hot toy to be playing with.  
Here is Karis politely joining Evans in the chair.  
While secretly plotting to kick him straight out once she settled in next to him.  Evans is very concerned that she has his binky although they did both have this color.
Every afternoon we would take a boat ride over to Hall's Boat House for the kids to get a "treat".  I'm not sure Evans has ever been into a store before and told he could pick out a treat because while his cousins were all picking out candy and ice cream, Evans returned to me holding a potato.  Thankfully he traded in his raw potato for a bag of potato chips and he continued to choose them for the rest of the week.  Typically the cousins were all finished with their treats before even leaving the boat house but there were no worries for Karis as she knew Evans was savoring his chips and that he was a sucker. 
Below is a picture of Aunt Brittany and Evans.  I don't think I need to point out how many floatation devices Evans is wearing.  I swear, if Brittany had let him go, he would have still found a way to drown.  He could not get the hang of the water wings and his new swimmie unitard didn't really do the trick either.
Here is the bigger picture of everyone in the water.  
Y'all see those pink water wings?  Umm hmmmm, that is Karis.  Just floating and swimming around all by herself while Evans is being supported by three floatation devices and an adult.  Pretty funny.  I am a firm believer in learning to swim EARLY as I was on the swim team by age 4.  Things aren't looking good for this summer so I think I'll focus on the swimming NEXT summer!  
Evans with Daddy
Karis, Evans and Old Dad
The first night we were home in the States my dad held him outside while he was watering his plants with a watering can.  When Evans discovered this watering can at Lake Rabun he instantly imitated Buddy.  Too bad there wasn't really water in the can because he couldn't lift it with water.
We had an awesome time spending  time with family while my sister-in-law was in town.  It might be like herding cats trying to get everyone together but when we make work, it is worth it.  We should probably start trying to plan Christmas time now!  Maybe I can toughen Evans up a bit by then.  Stay tuned for part two of the 2012 lake adventures! 


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Greetings from Northern California. Just surfed onto your blog and am now following you. Hope you will return the favor.

Your twins are adorable.


D. said...

okay I see the little girl is Evans cousin. Cute.