Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lake Keowee 2012

By the time we got to Lake Keowee on Wednesday afternoon Evans was so excited he could hardly contain himself.  As you can see.  Five minutes into our first boat ride he could not hide his sheer exhaustion from the wild rumpus that was three cousins for four days straight.  As the ratio of adults to children was much higher at Lake Keowee, Evans being the only child, he basked in having all the attention turned back on him.  After his initial pass out and power nap on the boat he was ready to go.
Just a little snooze on Susie looking like a limp rag.  
Lucky for Evans (and even luckier for me) my brother, Uncle Sam, and his girlfriend Kelsey, were able to come home for a week from Baton Rouge to see us while we were home.  Evans LOVES Uncle Sam and Kelsey and I think that the feeling is mutual. 
Evans could not get enough of their attention and I have to admit that it was pretty nice having 14 adults around watching one child.  Made my job a lot easier!
Uncle Sam had a wake boarding accident before we arrived at the lake on Wednesday which resulted in a perforated ear drum.  Therefore he could not get in the water the rest of the trip and his sole job was to kayak chauffeur Evans around our cove.  I don't think he minded.
E would not go anywhere all week without that juice cup and the yellow hat posed a bit of a problem as it proved to be a rather fast sinker.  Fast sinking hats and toddlers do not go together and I'm not sure why Deaner kept blaming me for letting it sink.  We now have a new pair of goggles at the dock for the sole purpose of locating the yellow hat (and once for Deaner's sunglasses).  
Corrine also took several shifts of paddling Evans around the cove.  I'd say that he was very much spoiled by all the adult attention he got while here.
Evans and his doting Grandparents, Buddy and Susie, on Buddy's boat.
This is pretty much how we spend our time at the lake.  Since it was 107 degrees in Seneca the day before we arrived, we spent a lot of time in the water and on the boat.  You had to stay wet so you didn't die of a heat stroke!  It was fine with me because I got to soak up some much needed sun and Evans was worn to a nub every night.  In the evenings the assortment of floats on the dock was quit redneck.  Finally, it would not be a 4th of July lake weekend if there wasn't a Didgeridoo playing contest.
Frank is the original didgeridoo buff and we have all received lessons on playing from him.  
I don't know how Foster holds it all by himself because that thing is HEAVY.
See?  I had to have Kelsey hold it for me.  I'm not sure about my technique with the clenched shoulders but I did get it to make the correct noise after about four tries.  Then I had to retire due to lightheadedness!  I'm not sure why Deaner and I are the only ones still wearing our Hawaiian necklaces.  Anyways, a good time was had by all.  Things will be much better once I can get Evans back on a normal schedule and he stops crying so much at night.  I don't remember re-entry ever being this rough.  I think that he has been so used to being around a million people that he doesn't know what to do with only Deaner and me.  Wish us luck!  We have to get this fixed by this weekend because we have to spend all next week in Brussels in a hotel!!