Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rockin Cyprus 2012

Does anyone know where Cyprus is actually located? When Deaner asked me if I wanted to go on vacation for a long weekend to a beach in the Eastern Mediterranean he didn't have to wait long for a very positive affirmative. I've always been a beach kinda gal and having been in chilly Germany for the past 12 weeks all I needed to hear was the adjective "warm". I haven't ever researched the island of Cyprus in the past but I think I always associated it with being very similar to Greece. So imagine my surprise when I happened to glance at our tickets a day or two before we left only to notice a 4 hour and 4 minute flight duration? Ok, no worries, there must be a time change that the airline didn't factor in (because this happens all the time, right??) and surely this was only a 2 hour and 4 minute flight, or, at worst, a 3 hour and 4 minute flight. Upon further inquiry my husband informed me that not only was Cyprus "not exactly like Greece", it was also practically in the middle east! I had no clue that we would be sandwiched between Turkey and Egypt and a stones throw to the west of Syria, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq. Ok, ok, so I would have had to throw the stone pretty far to Iraq but still. It is probably the farthest I've ever been away from home. I think Deaner would have beaned me if I'd asked one more time if we could pop over to Beirut for the afternoon. Evans did great on the flight although I am afraid that the 6:00a flight was enough to stress him out.But honestly, who doesn't get stressed out by the chaos that is RyanAir? If it didn't cost pennies to fly, I don't think I could put up with it. At least he could roll with the punches.This kid has stayed in more hotels than anyone I know and he seems to love it. We had a massive private patio with our own jacuzzi, however, one of the (many) quirks we found with this hotel was that the patio was not enclosed. Who does that? I'm convinced that when this supposed 4 star hotel was built in 2008, the owners/builders ran out of money at about 85% finished, yet went ahead with opening anyways. I couldn't complain about the views or amenities (clearly)but I did take issue with not being able to contain Evans. Balconies/Patios are just meant to have RAILINGS.

Even if you are over budget. One afternoon while Deaner and I were in the jacuzzi (Evans was sleeping) not one, but FOUR hotel maintenance people showed up on our deck to paint a pipe running down the side of the building. Uhhhh, with all the other cosmetic issues with this hotel, I did have to wonder why they chose to dispatch four employees to paint a pipe that didn't even face anywhere that anyone could possibly see. WHILE guests were actively enjoying the patio. Oh well. During Evans' waking hours we spent most of our time at the pool and the beach.

Sounds relaxing, right? Wrong. Evans was all over the place and basically all he wanted to do was run up and down the beach. Chasing his beach ball. That blew away at the slightest of breezes (in hindsight, this was probably not the smartest purchase). Not exactly my idea of a relaxing vacation. We have wondered out loud on more than one occasion since then if it would be totally ridiculous to bring our babysitter with us next time. To watch our one child. A little sad, no? I think these are the two shots I got when he sat down for around 30 seconds.

I'm convinced he only sat still for this amount of time so that he could cover himself in sand and then require that I pick him up for some reason or another. I was quite exfoliated at the end of each day. Really though, we couldn't have been any luckier with what a great traveler Evans is. He is delightful dinner company, when properly bribed, and we are always able to enjoy our evenings out to dinner.

The ipad is pretty much the greatest thing ever invented and it's actually scary to me how well Evans can play the games that Deaner has loaded for him. A little monster feeding does go a long way! Cyprus was definitely different from what I was expecting but I think we would return again (hopefully with a Grannie or a nanny)

finally.......the one picture that proves we were all three on vacation together at the same time.
**Disclaimer -- I realize that these pictures are formatted horribly but I've spent two days fighting with Blogger over it and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is. Any and all tips welcome. It's driving me bonkers.


Ellie Rae said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Your pictures look fine. We enjoyed my husband's military career. Overseas 3 times.

Chubs said...

Great pictures of E-ball.