Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Case Of The Mimi's

I do believe that we are having a full blown case of the Mimi's here in the Deaner household.  If you cannot relate to this problem I would like you to invite you into my house for a couple hours to experience first hand what it is like when Aunt Mimi the Spoiler has to return home.  It is current 9:23pm and I'm listening to Evans holler up in his bed because after a week with Mimi, we would probably be nowhere near bedtime if she were still here.  In a stroke of great luck (for me at least, I doubt my brother-in-law would agree) my sister was able to come visit for the past ten days.  I was supposed to have a sorority sister in town from NYC but at the last second it fell apart.  Fortunately I was able to dangle promises of hugs and snuggles from Evans and it was enough to make Mimi take the bait.  She flew in 48 hours later.  Score.  Of course she was greeted by grey skies and rain but really, what else do you expect from Germany?  It cleared up though in plenty of time for us to enjoy the Wilhelmstrasse Festival with a bunch of our friends.  We left the house at 3:45p with promises to our awesome babysitter that we would be home by 9:00p.  Let's just say that didn't happen.  Monday we headed to our home away from home, Brussels.  I'd say that I have probably been here about 25 times now and it is a good thing that I like the city.  It was WAY more fun to have another adult there to explore with!  Evans and I hit up the same old places when it is just the two of us but Amelia and I actually got to go inside churches and scout out new restaurants!  
Of course, please don't expect any pictures from these churches and very historical educational places because I seem to only have pictures from the most touristy fountain outside the Trevi.  I think when we leave Europe for good I will be able to compile a scrapbook solely of pictures with our little peeing friend.  Also note the klassy beer cans we are toting.
I hate that this picture turned out blurry but I think that is definitely shows the degree of attention that Evans was used to all week.  I have to call Mimi out for totally blaming Evans for this.....
And then running away from her party foul but I don't think that Evans minded since he was pretty busy with the massive lollipop I bought him.  I swear it wasn't after 9pm when I handed it to him.
I may or may not have also given him the purple one.  Whatever it takes right?  I believe that this evening finally concluded after both Amelia and Deaner purchased rather large oil paintings from a very obnoxious woman (who we have purchased from before and who had the nerve to call me argumentative, pfffft!) and Amelia pointed out it was raining and after 11pm.  Sorry E, when in Rome......The rest of the week was filled with some traditional German fun.  No one can ever resist the awesomeness of the wine stand.  Wine?  Everyday?  On the Rhein?  Oh alright!
Amelia was also lucky enough to have me coerce her into coming right as the Euro Cup 2012 was kicking off.  This only happens every four years however Deaner and I were here on vacation in 2008 to experience this.  The World Cup is every four years as well but zippers in with the Euro Cup so every two years, we get to experience this.....
It's none other than a projection screen set up on the river with several wineries set up serving the crowds.  Personally I don't understand how these rowdy Germans get together to watch a soccer match and sip white wine but hey, I'm not above bringing my own cooler of beer.  The last time the World Cup was set up here I was 8 months pregnant with Evans and didn't get to enjoy it nearly as much.  While I might refuse to wear Germany garb for fear of looking like a stupid American, Evans specially requested to and I finally acquiesced.  It's easy to see how excited he was for me to be dressing him like this.  
It might have been a little too much for his first Germany game but tomorrow is another day.  Seriously.  Germany plays again tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure that no matter how hard he begs, I will not allow another tattoo on the face as the first one is just now completely off his face.  

So all in all Aunt Mimi's trip was a big hit.  Evans and I dropped her off at the airport on Monday morning and we have both been missing her.  Evans glared at her suitcase when she brought it downstairs on Monday morning and didn't want to have anything to do with her because he was MAD.  We have had a lot of questions about where Mimi is so it is probably a very good thing that all the Deaners are following her to Atlanta next week!  Heading to Atlanta for a three week vacation next Thursday and cannot wait!  For now, Happy Tuesday!