Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ode To My New Light Fixture

Just a quick ode to my new fabulous, outrageous, fun and (frankly) enormous light fixture. I knew I loved it from the second I laid eyes on it and I'm glad that on Tuesday I took the stance of "not giving a hoot" if Deaner thought it looked like an exploding snowball. Because really? It does. A fabulous exploding snowball. I actually toyed with the idea of spray painting the white puffs on the end in a color coordinating scheme but thankfully I came to my senses (read, I just couldn't wait long enough and wanted to put it up too badly to be patient) so I did not. I just have one statement to make about this awesome light fixture. There are 160 individual "snowballs" attached to this fixture. That I personally had to attach one at a time. While sitting on top of that damn shrank. I honestly thought my life risking stunts were over with the completion of the beam painting. Apparently not. I even got to test my fate a bit farther when I had to figure out a way to rig the fixture much higher and closer to the ceiling. I wasn't expecting it to be so long but no worries, I am very resourceful!
Who wants to be the first to say a bunch of really great things about my light? I'm all ears. And sore shoulders, hands and bruised knees but who is keeping track really? Tomorrow my bookcase will be finished. I'm just having a bit of a crisis about which wall I want to put it against. I know I know, my life is really stressful. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday and we have a babysitter on Saturday!
One quick funny story. Every time I pick Evans up from school these days he is insanely thirsty. To the point where he cries when he finishes the whole sippy cup I bring when I pick him up (this school you cannot bring in any outside food or drink). Today when I went to pick him up it was during lunch and I got to observe from outside. Evans was actually sitting in a little chair around a little table eating his lunch with four other little kids. And he was chowing down. On something other than bagel bites or chicken nuggets. I identified the thirst problem when I realized that the kids were drinking milk (the first problem) out of real live grown up cups. Uh-oh (the second problem). Evans' cup was untouched. This would be because I'm 99.9% positive he cannot drink out of a real cup. Just as this dawned on me the little girl sitting next to him polished off her cup of milk, reached for the PITCHER OF MILK that was sitting in the center of the table, and poured herself another glass of milk. Like it was no big deal (third big problem). I think we are still pretty far from mastering drinking from a glass (by far from mastering I mean we should probably introduce it) and VERY FAR from being able to refill our glass from an actual pitcher of milk. Note to self, purchase some big boy cups this weekend. Apparently the straw sippy cups I was so proud of him for understanding (I mean, I thought it was pretty great he knew how to flip the straw open and closed himself) are for babies. They even use real cups in the infant room. Oh boy.


heidig said...

Dude! The exploding snowball is fabulous. I love it! I love it! I love it!

susanne said...

OMG - that light fixture is AWESOME!! I LOVE the shadows at nighttime too. Totally funky and cool.
PLEASE teach E how to drink from a cup! Poor baby.

instant student said...

I would have thought that you could expect the teachers at school to make sure that the kids stay hydrated.
Maybe it is not a problem with his abilities but with their performances?

And I love what you did with that room!

The Granthams said...

First of all, your light fixture is freakin awesome. Great choice for a fun playroom! Secondly, let me just say that the whole mastering the task of drinking from an open cup continues to be an ongoing challenge in our house. But I suspect that, just like the whole eating with the utensils thing, Evans will probably surprise you.

Jennifer said...

I love the light and the projection all around the room! Deaner was dead wrong about that fabulous thing! I can't wait to see the whole room finished!

Ashley said...

I adore this light! Where did you find it?

Also, you have a great blog! I look forward to following you. :)


MJ's Way said...

The light fixture is soooo cute! I want one. lol.