Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If Looks Could Kill

Our German pediatrician would be a goner. We had Evans' 18 month check up this morning (a month late) and all is well. The only problem we encountered was getting out of the house and there on time. Why do I keep scheduling 9am appointments? I thought about it the whole way there and of course when they told me I had to come back in two weeks for one last shot they offered me a 9am appointment and I happily accepted it! What is wrong with me? Anyways, Evans, who used to be quite charming at the doctor's office, acted like everyone was out to kill him. He cried and cried when the nurse had to MEASURE him. You might have thought he had been shot when she had to take his head circumference. Every time our nice doctor would say something to him Evans would cut his eyes at him and scowl. He was delightful and I was not embarrassed at all. It's amazing how his face can go from sweet to evil in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately his new favorite accessory happens to be my Michael Kors sunglasses. He is going to have to get his own sunglasses immediately so there are no unfortunate accidents.

Besides the shot in the leg this morning, things in Germany are going well. It has been sunny almost every day and has even gotten to almost 70 degrees. We have been taking advantage of outside time and I tell a difference in Evans' sleeping at night. While we are probably tempting fate we are heading out of town on Friday. A stop in Rothenberg on the way to Garmisch for a long weekend, an overnight stay back at home and then off to Brussels next week for Deaner's work. There is nothing that can disturb a sleep routine like a week and a half in a pack 'n play in a hotel. I hope it goes smoothly or we might be bound to Germany for awhile.

In other random musings I thought I would mention that Deaner came home one day last week with a little TV for our kitchen. We all know how Evans liked to watch Dinosaur Train while eating breakfast and Deaner was way proud of his $20 thrift store find. He was even more proud when he found a Lady and the Tramp DVD already in the DVD player. It quickly became painfully obvious as to why the TV was such a steal. The ONLY function it can perform is to play the Lady and the Tramp DVD. That's it. Every time you turn it on, Lady and the Tramp is what you get. I think I have now seen TATT more times than I have heard Toy Story 3 playing in the car. If anyone else is familiar with the movie I have a few observations/questions. First, Jim Dear and Darling are obnoxiously sweet to each other. It annoys me. 2. Jim Dear is so excited to have a baby boy but then he allows Darling to keep him in a cradle covered in pink bows. Manly. 3. Those siamese cats are bad news. 'Nuff said.

Off Topic - why must Evans continue to come into the kitchen and throw all my decorative dish towels on the floor, stomp on top of them, while cackling with laughter?Maybe the better question is why do I continue to pick them up, hang them back up and hope for better......Happy Wednesday!


Sarah said...

4. The siamese cats are owned by Aunt Sarah, who is horrid. She is one of the reasons why I insisted that my niece refer to me by a nickname, because the name "Aunt Sarah" immediately conjures up images of that woman jerking Lady around in a muzzle. [shudder]

morgan823 said...

Love reading all your posts! Don't worry the way he acted at the doctor is COMPLETELY normal at his age!! ;)

old dad said...

Sounds like Evans is trying to get too his "terrible 2s" a little early. Envy your trip to Rothenburg and Garmisch.

susanne said...

I'll try to find some Michael Kors sunglasses for Evans. Poor thing.

conoly said...

HELLO! I have been keeping up with your posts! My husband and I are dual military about to move to Germany and were thinking about buying a house while we are there. My friend who referred me to your blog said you had bought. I would love to pick your brain about it!