Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slightly Overwhelming.....

There have been some big happenings going on in the Deaner household over the past month or so and now I feel like I have a lot to write about in one post. Except that I cannot possibly update everything in one post or else I'll be sitting here until tomorrow. Frankly, I just don't have time for that. Between everything that I have been juggling in the past month and all the changes that have been going on, it has been pretty difficult to sit down and write. I can't tell y'all the number of times I have thought to myself that I needed to post but then the events started piling up and it was too overwhelming. In order to get them all out there and off my chest I'm going to list all the things that I probably SHOULD have posted about but didn't. So, in no particular order, here they are:

1. Evans is in love with his teacher and is obsessed with going to school. When I tell him it is time to go he stands at the back door and waits for me.2. I made a really awesome diaper cake for my sister-in-law's baby shower and promptly took 349823 pictures of it so that I could post about it. (if you could see how awesome it was, you would understand why this event made the important list!) If only I exhibited this much motivation and drive when I was in school and/or had a job. The sky would have been the limit! :)3. I had the brilliant idea of taking Evans to experience The Greatest Show On Earth with some friends of ours. Whew. The circus has a lot going on and surprisingly the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Even with all that singing and dancing it still wasn't half as loud at that musical, Wicked, so it didn't blow out their ear drums. I'd take him again in a heartbeat but I'd probably NOT purchase him the $22 spinning light baton thingie since he is scared of it and refuses to even hold it himself.(I'm not sure what was on TV in the background)

4. We are moving back to Germany. Tomorrow. A week later than anticipated. I don't really have a picture to illustrate this.

5. Last Wednesday I very nearly died from strep throat and fever. Everyone thought I was "nerving out" over the 9 hour flight with an 18 month old (and really, wouldn't that have been acceptable?) until my mom realized that I really was not joking and could not get up off the floor of my bedroom. It was a super dramatic sensational performance of will she die or won't she? Will she make it the airport and get on her flight or won't she? Will she land in Germany and live happily ever after or won't she? Will the Evil Empire (Delta) attempt to cancel her ticket and steal all her money or won't they? All the workings of a Lifetime movie I tell you. As it turns out, I did not die (I would have predicted otherwise), I did not make my flight, I have no idea what my fate in Deutschland will be, and of course the Evil Empire attempted to cancel my ticket and steal all my money. Duh.

6. After a precautionary visit to the pediatrician just to check out Evans' ears due to some crankiness it was discovered that he had a bad sinus infection AND strep throat as well. I blame him for my near death experience. Well, him or Monkey Joe's.(Evans posing with Monkey Joe. The mythical character that very nearly killed his mother).

7. I have made at least 17 trips to the Post Office in the last two weeks. Even an ultra pleasant postal worker could not make this endeavour more pleasant. And it certainly didn't make the line move any faster.

8. After having three "official last days" of school, Evans was forced to withdraw (again) from his fine institution of higher learning. He is going to miss his rigorous curriculum and demanding academic environment that challenged him twice weekly. If for some reason we were to show up for school on Friday, they would definitely think I was a lunatic. I'm the parent who just. won't. leave. All that being said, this weeks curriculum included learning to use a fork and a spoon. Meh! Please! We mastered that AGES ago! It is the single one thing that has been included in the curriculum that Evans already knew how to do. Seriously. Math? Vocabulary? No way. Eating? Check.Our last day of school picture.Approximately 15 minutes after the last day of school.

I think that about sums up our lives for the past few weeks but it is in no way the likely end to our drama. A sneak peek into our very near future includes a 9 hour and 20 minute flight with a child who thinks he is a monkey, will only eat goldfish and answers "no" to everything I say. Oh yeah, he is also supposed to be sitting in my lap. And when the madness of the flight ends we will begin the horrors of jet lag. I'd say that we are in for a very interesting next couple of days and I'll try not to wait too long to share this time!


old dad said...

Good luck and God Bless!

morgan823 said...

I hope you have a safe trip to Germany!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Courtney said...

Oh Gleatie, I cannot wait to hear what's next. Please post more.

Courtney said...

Oh Gleatie, I cannot wait to hear what's next. Please post more.