Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ready to go...

Yesterday was a big day at school for Evans. I got him dressed and told him it was time to leave to go see his teachers. Very surprisingly he went and stood at the back door trying to get out to the car. I think that must mean that we have finally turned the corner. There was no crying when we pulled into the school parking lot and he actually squealed with delight when I got him out of his car seat. A far cry from where we were a month ago with the wailing and nervous breakdown once we got there. He went right to his teacher and hardly looked back at me. My mom got to pick him up from school (yes, I think that it is a privilege) and she said that when she got there he was running around and throwing himself down into these big bean bag chairs that they have. In case y'all haven't noticed, the key word in that sentence was "running". I believe that at the tender age of 17.5 months my child has finally mastered walking. I don't know many children that eat their dinners with a fork and spoon but cannot walk on their own two feet. It's certainly puzzling but I think we can all move on with our lives! Now I am more concerned with him actually escaping from me on foot.Since it was Valentine's Day yesterday Evans got an extra special breakfast from Susie of heart shaped pancakes.The problem with this is that heart shaped pancakes are not actually made out of meat. Specifically sausage. So Evans did not care for it. Thankfully Susie had the foresight to add a patty of E's favorite breakfast treat.I didn't mind because I got to eat it. So. School was great, great, great. Until it was over and then the greatness wore off quickly. Apparently there was a triple birthday party and cake was served. Evans, who has never liked anything sweet in the past, supposedly LOVED the cake and devoured it. I wouldn't have believed it but he came home wearing the evidence.And acting like a maniac. The icing (which was red in case you can't see it all over Evans' pants) was also on his butt, his socks and his shoes (soles included). He refused to take a nap and was basically off the rails. It was sort of funny and cute at first until he started to come down from the high and the nap refusal caused nuclear meltdown. While I think that Evans had a great Valentine's Day it none the less ended with this scene.He may or may not have tried to knock over the flower arrangement but I decided his day had concluded. He slept for 12 hours and 45 minutes without a peep. I might consider cake and running him ragged next time I feel the need for a long sleep. I know I am a day behind but I had to share those stories. Happy Wednesday!