Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Dance

Remember those? The dances that used to take place in middle school with a lot of awkward slow dancing? Maybe a little Def Lepard wailing about having ever needed someone so bad or Guns 'N Roses and the cold November rain? I've heard that kids these days are a lot more "advanced" than old folks like me were growing up but even I was shocked when I got a formal invitation to the Valentine's Day Dance at Evans' school. It might have been a poem with his hand print on it but, he did just learned to walk after all! All of the mom's and dad's were invited and I was impressed with the turn out. My mom met me at E's school so that we could bring the twins and I would actually be able to carry all three kids. Believe it or not, it is actually impossible to carry two infants in car seats and an 18 month old who cannot be trusted to walk himself. Even if you are super woman. When Mom and I entered the Fellowship Hall my middle school dances were immediately put to shame. THERE WAS A DJ THERE! And decorations. And lights. And balloons. And a photographer. And 492384 children! It was great. Evans' class was already in the Fellowship Hall and dancing in the middle of the room. I could only see him from the back...But I knew that the second I went around to the front and he saw me, it would be all over for him hanging out with his classmates. As I was trying to get ONE picture from the side(ish), I was spotted.Busted. The next thing I knew, this is what was clinging to my hips.Evans was clearly beat from his day at school and fighting hard to stay peppy. He was so happy to see me that he hugged my neck. We did all the things that one does at a school dance, including getting our picture taken in front of the balloon backdrop (I'll post when I get the professional pictures, ha!).Remember Henry from Thomas's birthday party? Crash car? He goes to Evans' school and we took a nice "couples" picture with Henry and Holly.While Henry would have much preferred to dance with Evans, E didn't really want to have anything to do with dancing (for once). Henry was forced to dance with an actual girl and I'm sure that his father won't mind!Even Jack and Molly had a bath and dressed up especially for the dance.Molly might have looked like a deer in the headlights but they were super cute AND well behaved. Especially since the music was blasting and there might have even been rap playing. It was a nice outing for the twins and I think that Evans and Susie had fun too. Just for the record, when I told Evans on Friday morning that it was time to go to school, he went and sat by the back door waiting to go. When I brought him into school and dropped him off in his classroom he waved to me and said bye bye. His early morning teacher was shocked and his willingness to let me go! During the dance his regular teacher came over to say hi to us and Evans lunged into her arms and didn't even regret it immediately!He might not look thrilled but he went willingly and did not seem to give a hoot about me. It is extremely satisfying to see your child enjoy something that used to make you such a nervous wreck. Whatever it takes, Tiffany necklaces included, I'm happy to do it! Wish there was a way he could go everyday but alas, there is a waiting list, I couldn't afford it and I think I might miss him too much!