Monday, August 13, 2012

Another DIY Project

Sometimes I really wonder what my problem is.  When I decide to do one small thing it always seems to turn into some huge ordeal that I end up losing sleep over.  I'm the type of person who will fret over a $23 beach towel on Landsend for hours as if our entire financial future depends on that one decision. Normally the item in question is not even something that I cannot live without.  Therefore, I'm always a bit hesitant to start any project that I have to complete from start to finish myself.  I can't start until I have everything I need, or I cannot sleep at night, and trust me, this is problem living in Germany.  Last week one evening I asked Deaner if he thought I should paint our downstairs half bathroom.  I got a typical response of him not really giving a hoot so I'm not sure why I woke up the next morning knowing I couldn't live one more day with the paint color on the walls.  When we moved in the bathroom was a really awful yellow wallpaper, seen here, before I painted it (the first time). 

For the first paint job I settled for something very neutral.  I didn't have much time to paint all four million square feet of our house (ok, maybe it's not that big) before our furniture arrived all those years ago in 2009.  This is the color I slapped on the walls at the time.
I did this bathroom in one afternoon and was happy to have it done.  I found that mirror somewhere cheap like Ikea and while I have never really liked it, it was like 12 euro (if I am recalling correctly) and I knew I would eventually get rid of it.  The bathroom has been completely functional for the past three years.  And then I woke up hating it.  So it only figures that 12 hours later, it looked different.  I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the new color BUT it is much lighter and I do like that better.  The one question I have asked myself over and over is how the hell did I not paint the ceiling the first time around?  It was nasty!  So here is the new look.
I still hate the mirror.  And sorry about the trash in the trash can.  I probably should have emptied that first.  Here is the mirror I'll be picking up at some point this week. 
I still wish the color was a bit more muted but really, I can't paint it again.  And that is because I woke up this morning knowing that I couldn't live another day without painting my kitchen.  You see my problem?  I spent the morning picking out a new color for the kitchen and the afternoon painting a fresh coat of ceiling paint.  Y'all will die when you see how gross the ceiling was.  I'm not sure I'm even prepared to show it to the public.  

Anyways, stay tuned for more updates.  I probably should have finished the playroom first but I stalled out because I couldn't find a run I liked.  One day.  Probably soon.  When I wake up and realize I can't live without finishing it that moment, it'll get done.  Until then, I'll have to stay busy with the kitchen because I'm not so sure about the color I picked out!  


Sneaker Teacher said...

My husband would love it if I took it upon myself to do projects like that. Of course I could NEVER choose a color without consulting him first, but his dream is to come home and have stuff taken care of. His wish is to be on that show "while you were out" if it's even still on TV.