Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Got Sick Of Waiting..

So I finally got sick of waiting on Deaner to help me finish up the highest parts of the ceiling. I mustered up all my courage, starved myself for three days to be at my lightest (just kidding) and climbed up on top of the shrank and finished painting. Let's face it, otherwise it would have never been finished. And we all know how I am with things being left unfinished. Thankfully this go round on top of the wooden shrank it dawned on me that I should actually kneel on a t'shirt instead of kneecaps directly on wood to avoid more of the unsightly bruises I already have. What a difference that made! I knocked out the rest of the beams during one afternoon nap time. I even got all the tape pulled down in the same afternoon but didn't take pictures after that.
Yesterday was the big shopping day to pick up the rest of the furniture and fixtures for the playroom. Deaner had to attend because I knew ahead of time that I could not lift the bookshelf by myself to load it into the car. This was my first mistake. Has anyone ever mentioned that it is not a good idea to bring your spouse shopping with you if you want to get anything done? Apparently it has been awhile since anyone reminded me of this because.........I forgot. There were three things to purchase. A rug, a light fixture and a bookcase. First up, the rug. Within the first 30 seconds of pointing it out, Deaner decided that it would not be "comfortable enough" for a playroom. Need I say more? We didn't get it and we moved on. Second up, the light fixture. As I am loading it onto my cart I noticed the look on Deaner's face. When I inquired if there was a problem he informed me he felt as though it looked like an exploding snowball. He very nearly made me second guess my judgement but thankfully I overrode that opinion. He wired the fixture tonight and I'm in the process of "building it" and I can't wait to show off how fabulous it is actually going to be. Fortunately there was no issue with the bookcase. Probably because right before loading it onto the cart Deaner found "the most perfect" patio furniture that absolutely could not be passed up for the balcony off the playroom (where our child will never be allowed to actually play unattended). I got my bookcase and light fixture and Deaner got his patio furniture. Now all we need is a rug. :) I am hoping that we will see the wall giraffe sometime in the next week or two. I'm getting there! I'll take pictures tomorrow when it is light up there and I have the fixture and bookcase set up. Evans has not been making things easy for me lately and he has really been trying both of our patience. For the past several days we have been worried that maybe he was sick so I finally broke down and took him to the doctor this morning.
As I should have been able to predict, he was completely psyching us out. His ears do not hurt, his teeth do not hurt, he does not have strep throat and tomorrow morning we will more than likely confirm that he does not have a urinary tract infection. Simply put, he just does not like to go to sleep at night when it is still light outside. Which poses a problem since it doesn't get dark around here until 10pm. It's been a battle of wills but he WILL go to school tomorrow. Since he is quiet now I'm off to read my book! Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

Good God! That is one cute boy.