Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Sudden Turn for the Worse

I am only referring to my day and not to anything baby related so no need to get nervous! After having a totally productive day, which I will get to in a minute, I just start making dinner and things are not going according to plan. Deaner and I have been planning on making enchilades for dinner recently but they are such a giant pain in the you know what that I have been putting it off. I decided to suck it up today and make them. Well, when I make enchilades I always grill the chicken because I just think that it tastes better. I am normally not the grill lighter but seeing as I was home alone and I have done it before I was sure I would be fine. No such luck. Our gas grill literally just exploded on me. Apparently you are not supposed to turn on ALL the burners before pressing the ignite button. Lesson learned the hard way. I now have no hair on my right arm but I am thanking god for my eyelashes. Here is how my normal left arm looks.....and here is how my jacked up singed right arm looks now.....I am totally going to have to shave it since it looks like I stuck my finger in a socket not to mention the smell of burned hair! Gross me out. Needless to say my mood has gone from good to bad and the chicken needed for the enchilades is currently baking in the oven. I did give the grill two more trys but I was just too skittish after my near death experience. Moving on!

Up until the point of the Great Arm Hair Fire of 2010 things were really going my way! I went and met Deaner at the base for lunch (as he is becoming accustomed to me doing) and afterwards I decided to stop by the furniture store on the off chance that the glider had arrived for the nursery. I cannot even tell you how painfully dumb (but super nice) the lady who works there is and it always takes her like 25 minutes to tell me that something hasn't arrived yet. About minute 13 into her computer search I happened to glance over at the elevator and low and behold my chair is sitting RIGHT THERE! Of course it took some convincing that this was actually my chair but finally she believed me. Unfortunately it said on the the outside of the box that the cushions inside were yellow. This almost caused a mental breakdown since I have been waiting for this chair for 13 weeks and obviously can't afford to wait for it again. Thankfully I think that it was just mislabeled because while the cushions look a bit more yellow than I would like, they are close enough to khaki and I'm over it. I got the glider home and brought upstairs to the baby's room in three different trips. And I got it all put together! I am really becoming quite handy. It was just the project that I needed today! Here is the finished product!The real question at hand is to do we like the lamb bench next to the glider or on the other side of the armiour like this?I know that this is a critical decision that has got to be made and I probably won't be able to sleep until it is!! I am also quite certain that my mom will chime in here and suggest something totally different and then arrive in Germany and just change it anyway. As it stands now I put the baby pillow and quilt on the glider and made myself leave the room (after a quick vacuum)!I know if I ask Deaner which way he likes it best I will probably get an answer like "yes" or "alright". MEN!

I am finally back on the couch after the enchilada fandango and I am ready for Deaner to get home from the gym. Last night I prepared this feast....Grilled steaks, roasted onion and garlic potatos and grilled corn on the cob. I hope to live up to last nights meal tonigh! Guess we will see! Happy Hump Day to everyone! Exactly 2 weeks until the baby is due! God I hope I don't make it til then!!


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Your arm! I bet that hurt too! Thank goodness that wasn't worse!

What about putting the lamb catty-corner in front of the window? That would be cute!

Recipe for those amazing looking onion and potatoes!!!! Please!

EmilyB said...

Let's leave the grill-lighting to Deaner!!

The nursery is so adorable. I'm loving that armoire!!

instant student said...

I know exactly how it smelled when you burnt that hair off your arm.
Been there, done that.
I tried to make pizza in a gas oven and caused a little explosion which made me fly backward at bit.
Pretty scary but afterward I had a good laugh about that. My lashes and brows were spared too though.

I love the nursery too!

I am not sure where to put that lamb but I would not squeeze it between glider and wall/window I think.

susanne said...

WOW - glad your face escaped annhiliation. I hate lighting gas grills - best leave that job to Deaner.
Can't wait to see Evans' nursery and change all the furniture around!! HA!
Love the glider. I call first dibs.

The Pink Chick said...

I am so glad you are okay, and didn't burn more than your arm hair. Gas grills are so scary!

I like the lamb beside the glider. It looks like a precious little side table!

Anonymous said...

I vote for beside the glider

Order the carrier last's on it's way

Unknown said...

leave the lamb bench next to the glider. you can put your drink (water, whatever) there or a magazine or your iphone so i can spank you in words w/ friends when you're feeding babycakes. you'll be sitting in that glider A LOT in the coming months.

nice arm hair. surprised that didn't throw you into labor!

Heidi Gerhardt said...

Days like yesterday deserve a beer.