Monday, August 9, 2010

Doctor's Report

After 25 looooooong torturous days I finally saw my doctor this morning. I was really hoping (in vain) that she would send me directly to the hospital to give birth! Wishful thinking on my part even though I didn't really think this would happen. Anyways, all with Mr. Evans looks great and he is weighing in at around 7.5 pounds now. I'm also already 1cm dilated which my doctor seemed to think was great at 37w5d especially since this was my first baby. She laughed when I wasn't more excited because I told her I was hoping to be much more than that! She said that it wasn't outside the rehlm of possibility that it could take another week or two for Evans to come. I'm okay with a week longer but two weeks I might be a little bit annoyed! Pray for some more progression this week! My next appointment is a week from tomorrow!

I went to the grocery store on my way home and did the shopping for the week. I really didn't think we needed anything much but still managed to spend $75. Now I'm home and chilling on the couch. I actually asked Deaner if he wanted to come home and go walking with me in the vineyards instead of him going to the gym and he totally turned me down! Fine with me! I probably wouldn't have wanted to go anyways by the time he got home! Ha!

Anyways, hope I can find ways to fill up my week with things to do to keep me occupied! I wish I had just one more project!! Any ideas??


Sneaker Teacher said...

Ahh I totally thought you already had Evans since you hadn't posted in a few days! Hang in there!


Jennifer said...

I was expecting you to be writing a post saying you were having him this week or already did! :) We all are thinking positively for him to get here SOON! He's almost here though! You can do it!

Gracie Beth said...

Good luck with everything!

susanne said...

Maybe he'll decide to show up on Friday the 13th this week. His maternal great- grandmothers' birthdays!!

MMM said...

Perhaps he wants to arrive on MY 30th Birthday on Sunday. Wouldn't that be awesome! Or, Gran-Mama Pat's bday is on the 12th. Either one works for us. Hang in there, I know this part is hard. Actually, I don't know...I didn't make it past 37. =) But, you know what I mean. I would make some more freezer meals and read some books on breastfeeding and newborn care. Or, try the Laugh and Learn dvds. It's nice to be fresh on all of that stuff. It won't be too much longer until you have know time at all, so just enjoy these last few weeks as much as you can. Order up a Shirley Temple and Chicken Fingers at the Club. Love you!