Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Updates

Happy Monday to everyone out there in blog world! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and are not depressed that we have arrived back at Monday again! We had a great weekend here in Germany. No, there is no baby news to report but I just have a feeling that it is getting closer. I feel pretty funky but I'm hoping that is a good thing. I go to the doctor in the morning and I am hoping that she will tell me that I am much farther along than I was last week. Say a little prayer for me if you can! I don't know how much longer I can do this!

Friday was a really great day! I have been getting REALLY bored with our normal weekend routine lately. I'm sick of eating in the same mediocre German restaurants and coming home early for bed since I can't really do anything fun (ie, have a DRINK). I met Deaner for lunch on Friday afternoon and we ate at a great Chinese restuarant that we both really liked. It is always nice to find a new restaurant that we (I) find acceptable. After lunch I came home and did a bit of internet shopping for Evans. I know I know, I am going to stop but really, I couldn't once I found these.Game Day Baby Gear is a GREAT site that I stumbled across when searching for Colonel Reb items (which come off the shelves at the end of the month!). I thought that these overalls would be super cute for Evans next football season and he will be so vintage with his Colonel Reb Gear. And the price was extremely reasonable. These overalls come in most all schools as well so check out the site. I also couldn't resist picking this up since it won't be available after August!After my purchases I felt obligated to try and find something for Evans in UVA but they didn't have the overalls. The thing I love about smaller businesses like this is that I was able to email them and ask if it was possible to get the overalls with a UVA logo on them. About 30 minutes later I got this mock up and ordered them!Voila! Now Deaner can't say that I am biased! And I will not being buying anything else for football season for a long time!

Friday evening Deaner and I decided to bite the bullet and drive over to Ramstein to enjoy some American food at Chili's. We hardly ever do this and it was really nice. Like I said earlier, I was really sick of eating at the same German restaurants and it was really nice to get out of the house and do something different. I mean, I know it was only Chili's but I thought it was great! Saturday we got up early and hit up the wine festival for lunch. It would have been a lot more fun with actual WINE but still. I snapped a few pictures because I just think that the festival is so much fun.Next year I plan on enjoying the festival to the fullest! I did get to eat some delicious Flammkuchen and Deaner got to eat his favorite sausages. Saturday night we got to enjoy our favorite Greek restaurant with Steph and Jon and it was a beautiful evening and very pleasant! Yesterday it was rainy and gross and we pretty much laid around all day after eating lunch and doing a bit of last minute shopping.

Today is a bit crappy too. I met Deaner for lunch at the PX, went grocery shopping, started a giant pot of homemade lentil soup (since the high today is 62 and it is supposed to rain all day), emptied the dishwasher and now I have blogged. Whew! I think it might be time for a nap. I don't know why I am so sleepy but I really am. Maybe it is that whole pregnancy thing?? :) Hope that everyone is having a great Monday and that this week is more eventful than last! Come on Evans!


Jennifer said...

Said a prayer for you! I hope he comes this week! I can't wait for pictures of that sweet baby!

I love the game day gear you have been getting for Evans! He is going to look adorable! Don't worry about going overboard because you know all of us would be doing the exact same thing if we were preggo! I have already warned my fiance that when that time for baby comes that baby is going to look better than us! haha! Baby stuff is so sweet and cute! Who can resist!

susanne said...

Lentil soup - yummy!!!

Peachy Keen said...

Such cute baby overalls, and very considerate of you to get Col. Reb and UVA!

Saying a prayer of you and Evans!