Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doctor's Update

First of all, this has been a very trying day for me. I feel like I have been on a roller coaster emotion wise but I'm starting to get over it. Starting with my doctor's appointment this morning. We had to wait FOREVER before I was seen. They couldn't find Evans at first on the fetal heart monitor and while this never made me nervous (because I could feel him moving the whole time) it really annoyed me because it ended up taking a lot longer than it should have. Deaners leaves work for these appointments and while he is happy to do it, it makes me mad when we are in the office for two hours. That just seems a bit over the top to me. And the thing is, sometimes it doesn't take nearly as long so I can't tell Deaner to come later because you just NEVER KNOW when I'll be seen. Anyways, onto my exam results. As soon as the doctor checked me out she told me that she was pretty sure she would be seeing me next week as well. NOT what I wanted to hear at all. I'm still only dilated 1cm and apparently nothing has changed at all. What happened to her telling me that I would deliver around 37 weeks? Liar. Evans is now just over 8 POUNDS! At this rate I'm going to give birth to a two year old! So it is another week of waiting. I'm due a week from tomorrow and the doctor told me that IF I have progressed some more by my appointment on Tuesday she MIGHT try something that MIGHT make me go into labor. Doesn't sound too reassuring to me. Sigh.......

After the appointment taking 20 years to establish NOTHING new Deaner didn't have time to have lunch. He went back to the office and I headed over to the base to check our mail since I have been expecting several packages. To make a very long story short, the mail guy refused to give me my packages at 1:30pm because he wasn't supposed to be open until 3pm. Seriously? You are standing right there and you can't just give this 10 month pregnant lady her freaking packages while she is standing in front of you? No go. I was so angry that I went and ate lunch alone and then sat in my car for 65 minutes waiting until 3pm. At which point I went to collect my mail and had the mail guy slam my packages on the ground before giving them to me. Needless to say, Deaner was furious and a complaint will be made about him. Then on my way out to the car, I snagged my jeans on a pole and ripped them.

At least at this point things started to turn around! I received my book order from Barnes and Noble so thankfully I do not have to read What to Expect In The First Year ANYMORE in bed at night. I am over it. I can indulge in a new trashy series. My second package was from my friend Emory and contained Evans monogrammed burp cloths and a monogrammed outfit that I had given her to do. They all turned out fabulously!!!Now we are just waiting on a little boy to get here and put them to use! Then my last package was the best surprise ever!! It isn't every day I get presents in the mail that look like this!That contain all of these goodies!!!This package from my Aunt Dee and Uncle Butch really made my day! After a boring doctor's appointment, a rude mailman and ripped pants, getting all this really turned the day around!! This sleep sheep, stroller blanket and Bundle me bunting are all from my registry on Pottery Barn Kids and I'm so excited to have all of them. The bundle me is awesome because it fits into the baby's carseat or stroller for the winter and it a permanent blanket. Knowing the winters here we are going to be using it A LOT. I also got some pictures of Evans' nursery from Shutterfly so if I have nothing else to do tomorrow I can work some on his baby book. Things are definitely looking up as we head into the evening!

I'm just waiting on Deaner to get home from the gym so I can start dinner. I'm going to ask for opinions again on the FLIP HD camcorder seen here.From comments I got yesterday it seems like everyone who has one really enjoys it and feels like it is worth having. My aunt disagreed but like I said, she never uses anything to it's fullest potential! :) My dad told me last night that they sell them at Costco now so I am going to have him keep his eye on them. It might be my next gadget purchase. Of course, if Evans never arrives, I'll never have anything to film! Happy Tuesday to everyone!! Seriously? Is it only Tuesday??


susanne said...

You know, if you DO give birth to a 2 year old, you could totally miss toilet training. It could work.

B. Wilson @ Windy {City} Wilsons said...

Haha. I liked that comment.

As for the camera, I really like mine. I am pregnant, so no kids to video yet, but before I moved I was a teacher and used it in the classroom (and had kids use it because it's super easy to work) a few times a week. It's convenient and less to worry about breaking than a fancy canon or nikon. I have friends who keep these in the diaper bag for fun moments out and about.

It's cheap enough to gamble and they're easy to use online. I don't believe they're compatible with Mac computers though-- but we have a PC, so it doesn't matter to us.

Heidi Gerhardt said...

I've decided that I'm flying out to Germany to hang out at the country club. We can be bitchy & miserable together - These babies are NEVER coming...uggh :)